Smallworld Network Inventory Solution

Streamlining Connectivity, Maximizing Efficiency to Empowering Networks for Seamless Operations and Optimal Performance.

Smallworld Network Inventory

Polosoft's geospatial solutions facilitate the digital transformation of telecom service providers, generating business savings throughout the entire network lifecycle, from planning and design to construction and operation.

Polosoft’s Smallworld network inventory offers a holistic, spatially-oriented perspective, encompassing various technologies and providing a complete end-to-end visualization of the network. This unified view seamlessly merges the physical network's fully interconnected inside and outside plant components with the capability to integrate logical inventory, resulting in a cohesive inventory solution.

LiDAR Data Processing

Key Factors on Smallworld Physical Network Inventory Solutions

At Polosoft the Smallworld Network Inventory solution has provided key business benefits to more than 160 high-profile customers across 37 countries worldwide.

Single Network View

Underpins operations by modelling the entire physical network, both inside & outside the plant, supporting multiple technologies & equipment from multiple vendors. Maintain data quality with robust automated quality assurance tests.

Network Schematics

Provide field teams, customers and engineering teams with, automatically generated, easy-to-understand single-line diagrams and schematics showing cable and fibre level connectivity at all levels of the network.

Network Design Tools

Accelerate network design by automatically creating designs for any FTTX networks, and creating connectivity and enforcing data integrity. Show current and proposed future networks through workflow with integrated validation.

Mobile Enterprise Suite

Streamline field operations with a mobile enterprise suite enabling enterprise-wide access for field engineers and others for specific workflows. Use any device to access the capabilities needed to complete tasks quickly and efficiently.

GIS Reporting & Thematic Mapping

Deliver business insights with Geospatial analysis a powerful reporting, analytic visualization and historized data warehouse tool for “mash-ups” easily configurable to use Smallworld and over 35 other data sources.

Business Process Integration

Automate business processes through integration with a wider OSS using GeoSpatial Server via a range of APIs which can easily be extended. Open Geospatial Consortium standards are also supported.

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Smallworld Network Inventory Solution Benefits

Market Leading Capability on Network Inventory Solution

Polosoft Technologies provides unique and unparalleled value to telecom operators:

Risk-Free Proven Solution

Polosoft Smallworld Network Inventory is an off-the-shelf product proven in large-scale Tier One deployments reducing risks for all sizes of operators.

Qualify Digital Transformation

Accelerate change through digitizing field operations, automating processes and increasing and maintaining data quality.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Rich functionality supports customer requirements through configuration rather than customization and simplifies integration.

Architected for the Future

Build on industry-standard technology and adopt the latest technologies as appropriate to keep pace with changes in the industry.

Comprehensive Assistance Throughout the Entire Network Lifecycle

eCommerce Retailers & B2B

We create a strategic blueprint of the digital framework for seamless network connectivity and optimal performance.


We offer a strategically powerful business resource, providing access to comprehensive, up-to-date network information for field engineers.


We create the final as-built design and ensure a high-quality QA process for the network design and drafting.


We enable rapid response to customers that automatically available capacity and quickly identify precise fault locations.

Polosoft Technologies presents a dynamic Smallworld Network Inventory solution, designed to revolutionize network management. This innovative platform provides a comprehensive, spatially-based view of network infrastructure, integrating both physical and logical inventory seamlessly. With support for diverse network technologies including 5G x-haul, FTTx, copper, RF coaxial, and wireless, it ensures unparalleled versatility.

By leveraging the network inventory solution, organizations can optimize resource utilization, streamline operations, and accelerate service delivery. Polosoft's Smallworld Network Inventory solution empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of modern networks with ease, facilitating enhanced efficiency and performance.

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