Pole Loading: A heavy demand in utility sector for overhead structures, and safety compliance.

Pole Loading Analysis Services in GIS Mapping

Pole loading analysis is the physical examination of a poll before the loading process. The first reason for pole loading analysis is to examine if a pole will handle a replacement load or not. All the electrical regulatory bodies, as well as the NESC (National electrical Safety Code) and a lot of others bear an intensive weight load analysis for poles to examine the burden that a pole is able to take.

For all the telecommunication and wireless firms intending to attach further instrumentation to utility poles, it's more vital than ever for the electrical utility and telecommunication firms to understand and follow all the codes and laws made by the regulatory bodies.

A pole loading analysis is needed to make sure that everyone out there meets protection measures and also the pole will be able to take the load of the new attachments and advancements. At Polosoft, we've the necessary experience to perform all analysis and necessary lookouts you would like to induce an approval from the regulative bodies.

Pole Loading Analysis
Pole Loading analysis

Pole Loading Analysis

  • A complete structural analysis of the pole
  • Pole’s stress analysis before loading
  • A full clearance analysis needed for the board
  • A detailed report of high-risk field assets
  • Delivery of pole replacement design
  • Make-ready design for pole loading and further
  • Augmentation of existing pole loading
  • Help meet regulatory requirements for pole loading
  • Making a mapping for the future (related to storms, wind, fires, and hurricanes)
  • Complete load calculations to support proper design
  • Incorporating pole loading as part of the third party application process
  • Providing best-in-class pole loading softwares
  • Full training to ensure seamless integration with your existing systems

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Pole loading analysis is the technique which makes a region ready for all the future developments to come. Polosoft Technologies provides the perfect pole loading services tailor made by its professional and certified GIS team.

Step into the future with Polosoft, as we are an ever expanding name and touching industries such as Utilities, Supply chain management, Urban planning, Forestry and Timber.


Pole loading, defined down to its basics, helps the companies identify the forces acting upon a pole, may it the cables or hardware or more and analyzes its structural integrity.
With NESC, pole owners conduct utility pole inspections i.e pole loading analysis, before the pole can be functional, it allows estimation and mitigation of risk factors.
Pole deflection is defined as measurement of 3D distance from tip of pole for load casing to the undeformed position of the tip of the pole.
It helps increase safety of a Pole installation. Help identify all at-risk edge cases that are most likely to fail before.
Pole loading helps augment your existing pole loading meeting regulatory requirements (related to storms, wind, fires, and hurricanes). Ensuring your pole loading calculations are accurate to support proper design.

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