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Android apps are mobile software applications developed to be used on devices powered by Google's Android platform. The Google Play Store makes Android apps available to the users. It was formerly referred to as the Android Market. As a leading Android app development company, we build applications keeping in mind certain specific requirements, budgets, and timelines of the clients. Being a powerful operating system, Android supports an outsized number of applications in Smartphones.

Android Solutions

Android App Development Services:

Custom Android App Development

Using the latest android SDKs, we develop high-end android apps for your business. We tailor customized applications addressing your specific requirements.

Android UI/UX Designing

We execute the best design techniques and deliver the most attractive and interactive UI designs to give your customers an user-friendly experience.

Android Migration

We provide hassle-free iOS to Android migration services or vice versa. We help transfer your app to a different platform or update the already existing one.

Android App Testing

Before the launch of the application we provide you with android app testings such as, Unit testing, regression testing, and beta testing.

QA and Testing Services

Quality assurance is guaranteed by our team of testing experts. We understand the priority of QA testing and provide you with high quality android apps.

Upgradation Services

We upgrade your already existing android app to the latest updated android version.

Support & Maintenance

We provide complete technical support for your business. We also maintain your android app after the development & testing phase.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Your data is stored and accessible over a network. The cloud is a highly secure physical location, or you can call it a data center. We provide SaaS cloud-based solutions for small and medium scale companies.

ARM Processors

The Android software is supported by a hardware which is predicated on the ARM architecture platform. The android is an open-source operating system which means that it’s free and anyone can use it.

There are a plethora of apps available in the Google Play Store that can help you manage your life one way or another and it is available at a very nominal cost in the market and for that reason android is very popular. The buoyant rise of mobile apps is undeniable and today worldwide mobile app revenue increased tremendously. Android Mobile Application has the biggest stack in the market, if we talk about the mobile application usage. Most of the major phone and tablet makers are based on the Android development platform.

The Rise of Android Apps in the Market

Android app development dominates the market by 85% and that should definitely be a good enough reason for businesses to invest in an Android app development company. We provide app solutions that are reliable, scalable, customer centric and help you generate greater revenue for your business.

Our expert team of Android app developers are capable of developing any type of application that suits your business requirements, while enabling entrepreneurs to keep their critical data safe. It also enables companies to choose devices and APIs of their choice from a range of options.

Rise of Android

Why Choose Android Apps For Your Business ?

Majority of Android Users

As the numbers suggest, the majority of smartphone users are Android and not having an Android app for your business means you’re losing a majority of prospective customers and limitless business opportunities. No business can afford such a loss, especially when there’s a cutthroat competition going on in the market. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you look for good android app developers or a company who can help you build customized applications as per your business idea.

Easy Customization

We focus on customizing app design and style so that it stands out from crowd competition. Also, app customization should be decided as per business goals and extensive theming features including voice search, add-ons, widgets, and optimize speed performance.

Google Support

It’s one of the biggest advantages of Android OS as it’s backed up by Google. Google apps like Gmail, Drive, and other business-friendly apps are often readily integrated into the Android business apps. Though Google has extended its support to iOS, all apps don’t work properly in an iOS device.

Android App Testing

Before the launch of the application we provide you with android app testings such as, Unit testing, regression testing, and beta testing.

Faster Deployment

Having years of experience helps while providing you with an outstanding app within a stipulated period of time. Our company has a strategic initiative which enables us in faster deployment of your project. The business app development process must be a fast affair because the sooner the app is developed, the quicker the business will start making revenue.

Tools We Used In Android App Development:

With a massive increase of Android gadgets in the market, the demand for apps and Android app developers are going to increase in the coming future. We use industry specific Android developer tools that help your business’ workflow to be streamlined. The amount of tools is increasing all the time, while being more efficient and intuitive day by day.

Android Studio

Android Studio is the official IDE for Android, and is the most preferred choice for the bulk of developers looking to form basic apps in-keeping with Google’s material design. Our team of expert developers have worked in Android Studio for decades, therefore have access to all or any advanced features of the platform. Android Studio’s features include a visual layout editor, APK analyzer, fast emulator, code editor, flexible build system, real-time profiles.


It’s an Android emulator tool that helps developers examine and preview an application. You can literally drag and drop any APK file into an emulator and it will automatically install it. It acts as the most potent development tool used by the Game developers. For the testing process, Android graphics and images are used. Now it has moved onto development, testing & deployment.

Intellij idea

Intellij idea is a tool designed for ultimate programmer productivity. It consists of numerous built-in tools like version control, builds tools, decompiles, database tools, docker, and test runner and coverage. It’s features are Smart completion, data flow analysis, cross-language refactoring, inspections & quick fixes, duplicate detection, framework-specific assistance.

Our Android App Development Process

  • Requirement Analysis

    Requirement Analysis

    Get to know client’s requirement Understanding client’s business Proposing Solutions

  • Wireframing Designs

    Wireframing Designs

    Blueprint Structure Creating a wireframe strategy UI design for the app

  • App Coding

    App Coding

    Deciding coding phases Layout important screens Client’s feedback

  • App Testing

    App Testing

    Testing the app Sharing bug-free report Final approval from client

  • Deployment


    Deploy to client’s server Launch the app in Google Play Store Post launch support

Industries Where Android Development Can Be Used.

Why Choose Polosoft As Your Android App Development Company?

Latest technologies & high performance

We stay in touch with our customers during the tenure of the project, providing regular reports of the deliverables. We give you the absolute commitment to providing your project in a speculated period of time.

Upto 99% crash free design

Save money while we offer you the best quality results. Outsourcing your project to a different time zone means a faster project turnaround which opens the possibility for a nearly 24-hour workforce. Your in-house architects can spend time on client generation instead of drafting and style tasks.

Unique Functionalities & Features Developed

We have technicians who have worked on multi-million dollar projects which demanded a high knowledge of CAD and also an intense amount of experience. Polosoft has always delivered what a customer has desired.

Super Structured Development

We have a well-controlled and stringent internal Quality Control(QC) process that ensures the standards of our deliverables to the very best possible levels. With a faster turnaround time, we can assure you that your project goes through layers of quality checks before we deliver the project to you.

Safe & secure

You can be assured that your project is in safe hands with us, as we never share any details of any customers without their consent. We have a high-level of security in terms of customer’s project safety.

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