Photogrammetry: Conversion of Data into DTM, DEM and DSM 3D Models

Digital Photogrammetry Services in GIS

Digital Photogrammetry is the science of capturing the pictures of the surface and generating digital terrain models (DTM), digital elevation model (DEM), digital surface models (DSM), 3D land models etc.

While aerial imagery helps with accurate measurement of land features, surface models and volumetric data, photogrammetric surveys provide an efficient and cost-effective means of developing topographic mapping for your project.

Polosoft offers photogrammetric services from Aerial photographs and stereo satellite images using the newest aerial and satellite photography equipment, software and state-of-the-art technology. Polosoft provides photogrammetric solutions to satisfy the user’s needs with the simplest quality and at a globally competitive price. The solutions are tailor-made and support the precise requirements of the clients.

Digital Photogrammetry

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Digital Photogrammetry Services We Provide

Digital Aerial Triangulation

AT for Aerial Photos

Aerial triangulation is the term applied to the process of determining x,y and z Ground coordinate of individual points on measurements from the photograph.

3D  Planimetric Vector

3D Planimetric Vector

Planimetric maps help in developing natural features with their exact coordinates and locations. These features consist of vegetation, curbs, trails, fences, utility poles, etc.

Orthophoto Generation

Orthophoto Generation

An aerial photograph from which distortions owing to camera tilt and ground relief have been removed. An orthophotography has an equivalent scale and may be used as a map.

LiDAR Acquisition

LiDAR Acquisition

Using airborne light detection and ranging, LiDAR provides precise digital mapping projects with highly accurate base map information with promising potential to assisting map.

Historical Archive

Historical Archive

With our vast collection of stock photos and historical imagery. Any and every of these images can be requested in print or digital format at any specific size.

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

We use aerial photography as a way to extract cartographic data source for base map, locating geo features, & interpreting environmental conditions.

DTM & Contours

DTM & Contours

Mapping of land surfaces, including relief (relative positions and elevations) and therefore the position of natural and constructed features.

Digital Elevated Models

Digital Elevated Models

The representation of continuous elevation values over a topographic surface by a regular array of z-values, referenced to a common datum.

Industries That Use Digital Photogrammetry Are

Work Process

GIS Work Process

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Photogrammetry Works

As a provider of Digital Photogrammetry Services in GIS, Polosoft Technologies provides for an individual GIS consultant for smaller tasks or a professional team of consultants for large-scale GIS enterprise consulting. With our tailored GIS services our GIS specialists, developers, and designers are experienced in providing industry specific solutions influencing the sphere and paving the path of development.


Digital photogrammetry is a technique to acquire 3D geometric information of real-world objects from stereoscopic image overlap and with extensive use in a variety of fields.
Aerial Photogrammetry and Terrestrial Photogrammetry are two types. The first used in aerial topographic mapping and other starts with a camera mounted on ground.
Used in reconstruction of objects and environments in the physical world through photographs. Stitching together overlapping photographs for 2D and 3D digital models.
It eases and speeds data collection. With integration of UAV, UAS, or satellite imagery, photogrammetry helps in capturing images, analyze the data for measurements.
Digital photogrammetric system is defined as hardware-software designed to acquire photogrammetric data from digital imagery using manual or automated techniques.
It is highly accurate for mapping or other purposes providing a wide or broad view of the mapped area by utilizing both topographic and cultural features of the land surface.
Photogrammetry uses both vertical and oblique photos for an accurate image of the terrain helping in 3D mapping of an area. Easily accessing difficult areas, mapping the terrain which even includes underwater terrains as well.

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