Golf Course 3D Modelling and Mapping Services in GIS

Golf Course 3D Modelling and Visualization

The modern Geographic Information system(GIS) has a significant impact on creating mapping and managing geographical facts and figures. With Golf course 3D visualization, golf course owners can visualize and get more control over the course. Golf industries including designing courses and facilitating management to get huge benefits through 3D modelling in GIS. Golf course 3D modelling shows every major area from golf holes, greens, tees, pipelines, bunkers, fairways to machines in a single physical item.

Designing a new golf land needs an accurate interactive 3D model. At PoloSoft, we are proficient in creating 3D golf course visualization. With our team of experts, we make 3D flyovers and high-quality graphics of golf courses. We offer a wide range of video and use terrain data to help you effectively manage, process, and integrate massive point collections of 3D data. We enable quick measuring areas, managing pin positions, draining, bunker, and irrigating pipelines with the golf course map.

Golf Course 3D Modelling
Golf Services

Our services include the following:

  • Flyover 3D videos
  • Hole and green graphics
  • Course overview illustration
  • Yardage books
  • Card Caddy
  • Scorecard
  • Pin placement
  • Irrigation system maps
  • Topographic maps
  • Interactive tours

Golf Course 3D Modelling Process


3D modelling is cost-effective because it captures accurate terrain & vegetation data that develops and maps out greens, tees, bunkers, drainage works, and environmental management of golf course. Get 3D topo maps of ups and downs of the terrain.


3D models generated from aerial survey data to manage and monitor greens and make better spending decisions on maintenance costs. LiDAR and imagery data help in maintenance, facility management aid with maps, and spatial data.


Easy to showcase the golf course and its surroundings in a very detailed way so players can visualize the game plan. Moreover, the integration of GIS mapping enhances the 3D model visualization and provides accurate data.


We help you provide game planning to the next level so that golfers navigate the 3D or topographic model of a golf resort and access multiple information layers for easy understanding.

Work Process

GIS Work Process

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