Point Cloud Classification

Point cloud classification is in huge demand. Polosoft provides the most accurate terrain information which can guide your business decisions


Point Cloud Classification

Point Cloud Classification is a part of our LiDAR data Services and are in huge demand as it makes mapping of a terrain very easy and accurate. In point cloud classification various points are classified by taking into account different features of point cloud data like height, PCA etc. Selecting points in the terrain which are on the ground level gives a very clear and accurate classification of different features on the ground level like roads, power lines, cars, buildings, vegetation etc.

All the features are showcased in different color which makes it very easy to understand and read.

Bare Earth

(Ground and Non Ground Classification)

Bare earth classification done by semi-automatic process then followed by quality check using global software. Bare earth class is used for digital elevation model (DEM) generation.

Advanced Classification

(Bare Earth and above ground features – vegetation, buildings, bridges etc.)

Advanced classification point clouds is done by semi-automatic and manual classification process using global software.

Recent Works

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