Architectural CAD Drafting

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Architectural CAD Drafting Services

Polosoft offers a full choice of Architectural CAD drafting services like construction drawings, as-built drawings, presentation drawings, and 2D & 3D models, etc. All our deliverables are quality controlled and deadline sensitive to meet up to the Global Industry Standards. The services basically involve the creation of drawings and models used to build architectural structures.

Architectural CAD drafting offers quality drawings and lets the architects specialize in their creativity. Polosoft, with a team of experienced professionals, offers services for Architectural designs and CAD drafting. We offer effective, innovative and cost-efficient concept designing, and construction CAD drawings to tailor and suit as per your business requirements.

Architectural CAD Drafting Services We Offer:

CAD Drafting for Elevation, Site & Floor Plans

CAD Drafting for Elevation, Site & Floor Plans

With years of experience in this field, we provide you with the most accurate and detailed CAD drawings.

Architectural 2D CAD Drafting

Architectural 2D CAD Drafting

Get high quality architectural 2D CAD drawings from our team of expert draftsmen.

Sanitation & Piping Plans Drafting

Sanitation & Piping Plans Drafting

We provide industry-standard sanitation and piping drafting services according to your business needs.

Furniture Layout Modeling & Rendering

Furniture Layout Modeling & Rendering

Get furniture layout drawings, 3D modeling and rendering services from a team of expert drafters.

3D Interior & Exterior Drawing

3D Interior & Exterior Drawing

It includes wall elevations, floor covering plans, lighting plans, plumbing plans, electricity plans, and reflected ceiling plans.

Topographic Survey Drafting

Topographic Survey Drafting

Execution & finalization of topographic map data and drafting it in an accurate way.

Architectural Drawing Conversion

Architectural Drawing Conversion

It involves processes such as paper to CAD, 2D to 3D & PDF to CAD format.

BIM & Rendering

BIM & Rendering

We do the documentation and structural design for architectural rendering.

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Get Cost-effective Architectural CAD Drafting Services For Your Business

Modern buildings today use highly specialized knowledge, skills, technology, and software to include and provide them with accurate data without any flaws for its construction. Most of the skyscrapers you see today would have been impossible without the use of modern technology. Our Architectural CAD drafting services will make your entire construction process easier, faster, and cost-effective.

Architectural CAD Drafting Services

Outsourcing Helps In Increased Productivity

Outsourcing a drafting project can actually save costs quite substantially and focus more on business development. Through the outsourcing partners, experience and knowledge, you’ll get exceptional quality standards on the same projects that might have taken your firm months of training and incurring large funds.

Choose The Right Outsourcing Company

Whether you need to cut down on expenses or focus more on your core activities, outsourcing your project to a professional drafter can undoubtedly enable you to accomplish your business objectives if you choose the right outsourcing company. Also, your in-house teams may lack focus in designing if it’s not their core activity. Therefore it is wise to choose and make use of a good outsourcing company.

Specialized Services For Various Businesses:

  • All kinds of housing, multi-storied or row housing, in the residential sector
  • Commercial buildings, including industrial structures
  • Educational buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels, churches, and retail facilities

Why Should You Outsource Your Project To Polosoft?

Comprehensive Services

You will appreciate the overview of a complete range of services offered by our professional team of CAD drafters. We provide a full spectrum of services like 3D modeling services, BIM services, rendering services, etc. You will be able to complete all your work by saving time and money.

Commitment & Communication

We stay in touch with our customers during the tenure of the project, providing regular reports of the deliverables. We give you the absolute commitment to providing your project in a speculated period of time.

Reduced Costs

Save money while we offer you the best quality results. Outsourcing your project to a different time zone means a faster project turnaround which opens the possibility for a nearly 24-hour workforce. Your in-house architects can spend time on client generation instead of drafting and style tasks.

Experienced Technicians

We have technicians who have worked on multi-million dollar projects which demanded a high knowledge of CAD and also an intense amount of experience. Polosoft has always delivered what a customer has desired.

Quality Control

We have a well-controlled and stringent internal Quality Control(QC) process that ensures the standards of our deliverables to the very best possible levels. With a faster turnaround time, we can assure you that your project goes through layers of quality checks before we deliver the project to you.


You can be assured that your project is in safe hands with us, as we never share any details of any customers without their consent. We have a high-level of security in terms of customer’s project safety.

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Architectural CAD drafting enables users to make more accurate and technically detailed designs than traditional hand drawings. CAD drafting allows developing a project fast and implementing the construction smoothly.
Architects use their 2D plans to create 3D designs of the required construction and buildings. CAD drafting services enable architects to view different aspects and perspectives of their building from within a single program.
The architectural CAD drawings can be confidential and data can be sensitive so we have a secure way of delivery. So we deliver the Architectural CAD drawings via email/file server or as per client’s choice.
Fast internet services enable us to share the data at minimal time and high accuracy with you. We can transfer a huge amount of data through the Internet. We can also burn a CD and post it to you as per your convenience.
Architects can use CAD drafting from the planning stage which leads to the timeline of the design cycle decreasing to a large extent and saving a lot of time and effort to revise the design and incorporate any changes that might make one feel their original design needs after they have viewed the final render.
Polosoft Technologies is known for delivering projects at the perfect time and even before the claimed date. We have a perfectly designed date sheet provided to you at the start of the project to make sure the transparency of the whole project.

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