GIS Consulting: Predicting, Analyzing Trends for Multi-criteria Decision Making

GIS Consulting Services

Professionals skilled for providing GIS solutions tailored for your specific business needs. Being in the space as a GIS consulting company is not any simple task, however Polosoft has been in the field for several years and now we understand exactly the first thing a GIS project needs.

Every industry needs GIS maps prepared with different data as the characterization of a map and its components are used in a way on which the output image of the GIS map would noticeably depend. Understanding the needs of the industry and all of its future requirements is a very important task.

Geographic data systems consultants are the ones to manage digital mapping data and carry out the analyses to answer any and every geographical queries. Our key focus as a GIS consultancy service is to make maps for our clients, deduced from analytical knowledge. With years of experience and GIS services, we serve a variety of fields and industries.

GIS Consulting Services

Types of GIS Consulting Services

GIS (2D/3D) Map Production

GIS (2D/3D) Map Production

Arranging map components on a sheet of paper during an approach that, real-world options and visualize the abstraction relationships among them, vital to map concentrations, or an amount normalized by space or total range.

Data Digitization and Management

Data Digitization and Management

We convert info into a digital format. During this format, info is organized into separate units of information which will be severally addressed. Digitizing info makes it easier to preserve, access, and share.

Satellite Imagery Analysis

Satellite Imagery Analysis

We bit fields providing services like satellite pictures for earth observation, borderline of natural resources, land use and environmental observance. Giving a transparent, concise, and correct illustration of however events are unfolding.

GIS Web & App Development

GIS Web & App Development

GIS applications will vary from GIS knowledge assortment to access of GIS tools.We have experience to develop ESRI based mostly mobile applications and might supply development services across desktop, internet and mobile platforms.

Custom Cartography

Custom Cartography

Our cartography and custom making method begins with consumer consultation and in depth analysis, using GIS knowledge and different material. From there, we have a tendency to pass on to design, 3-D modeling, style and knowledge overlays before production and printing.

GIS Modeling & Analytics

GIS Modeling & Analytics

Geospatial analytics gathers, manipulates and displays geographic system (GIS) knowledge and mental imagery as well as GPS and satellite images. they're wont to produce geographic models and knowledge visualizations for a lot of correct modeling and predictions of trends.

Surveying and Data Collection

Surveying and Data Collection

Polosoft provides required data dimensions to determine the relative position of points or physical details for spatial field data collection. We use the latest technology and tools for survey data collection and mapping solutions.

Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing

Polosoft is profound when it comes to the geo-spatial information production chain, with satellite images for earth observation, delimitation of natural resources, land use and environmental monitoring. We are committed to high accuracy in our services.

Wide Range of Industries

Wide Range of Industries

Polosoft has expertise in supporting professionals in urban planning, transportation, environmental regulation, storm water compliance, engineering architecture, and construction management for different industries.

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Offshore GIS Project Management

Polosoft offers offshore GIS project management, comprehensive planning, development and execution of work packs to reduce downtime and delays on offshore and onshore capital and turnaround projects.

How Offshore Project Management works?

Conceptual Project Evaluation

3D Scanning & Drafting

Piping and Structural Design Plans

Construction and Build Map

Maintenance & Turnarounds

Asset Decommission

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GIS Consulting Management Process

revolves around

  • Defining workflow with In-house tools / extensions
  • Assessing a solution and identifying potential gaps
  • Developing features on implementation and transition
  • Migrating your data, cartographic styles, templates

GIS Analysis
we flaunt

  • Flood risk modelling and corridor mapping
  • Ecological and habitat modelling, PV optimization
  • Route optimization with retail location analysis
  • Soil fertility maps and calculating amenity services

Perks of Spatial Data

  • Simplifying data management, access control and backups
  • Easy integration with web servers, simplifying web mapping
  • Allows advanced queries, adding value to existing data
  • Reduces likelihood of duplicating or losing data

Polosoft is a leading Geospatial and IT Consultancy company working with focused services in the discipline of Cartography. Advanced GIS mapping & Analysis, Remote sensing data processing services, LiDAR services, Photogrammetry, CAD engineering, Land Surveys & mapping services are some which Polosoft Technologies facilitates for various Government and corporate agencies to help them with a grass route execution for planning of the project.

Application & Industries

We have served industries and touched lives worldwide. Changing lives and placing them on a path to a better tomorrow.

Work Process

GIS Work Process

Our Recent Works

GIS Works

As a provider of GIS consultancy services, Polosoft Technologies has a GIS consultancy team that provides for an individual GIS consultant for smaller tasks or a professional team of consultants for large-scale GIS enterprise consulting. All our GIS specialists are experienced in providing industry specific GIS mapping services that can assist you with your project and business needs.

We develop perfectly market-dominant GIS web and mobile applications and provide GIS services in the fields of Utilities, Supply chain management, Urban planning, Forestry and Timber.


GIS consultancy helps in mapping, modeling, and analyzing location-based datasets. It helps companies visualize your data, providing expertise in a highly specialized field.
GIS consultant manages digital mapping data and performs analysis of geographical statistics. GIS consultants make maps for clients, deduced from analytical data.
  • GIS Mapping.
  • Data Digitization.
  • Digital Photogrammetry.
  • Remote Sensing.
  • Data Conversion.
  • Web & Mobile Application.
  • Pole Loading Analysis.
  • Cartography.
GIS technology paces with current trends, analyzing the acquired data and creating impact on the future of your business. With multiple maps in layers displaying datasets along with relevant information.
GIS integrates geographic intelligence into the planning process, increasing situational awareness by real-time data available to businesses. Assists in effective planning and also promotes better allocation of resources.

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