3D Modeling CAD Services

Get accurate and reliable results from our streamlined processes, which help you to create high-quality, accurate and modifiable 3D designs and drafts.

3D Modeling CAD Services

Are you an architect, interior designer, building contractor, product manufacturer or a designer? Need professional 3D Modeling CAD services? Polosoft Technologies provide services that can precisely and creatively add a new dimension to your imagination.

We design 3D models from points in 3D space connected by geometric data, such as lines and curves. Architectural 3D modeling of any product guarantees geometrical symmetry, image quality and technical detailing which ensures the efficient and accurate finishing of the project.

Four Creative Methods of Creating 3D Models are

Polygonal Modeling

Polygonal Modeling

In this process, 3D surfaces are created using polygons, like a net. Polygon models are very flexible and also can be rendered very quickly.

Solid Modeling

Solid Modeling

It is one of the simplest modeling techniques. In this method cubes, cylinders, cones and spheres are used to create geometric primitives.

Spline/Patch Modeling

NURBS Modeling

With NURBS we can create smooth surfaced 3D modeling diagrams, but the only disadvantage with NURBS is that it takes more time for rendering.

Spline/Patch Modeling

Spline/Patch Modeling

It is similar to NURBS modelling, except surfaces are created from the curved lines which make up their edges

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As the use of 3D Laser Scanned Point Clouds lines and surfaces can be snapped directly to actual surveyed points in 3D space, 3D modeling is now faster and more accurate than earlier.

3D Modeling Services

Our 3D Modeling Services Include the Following:

  • Conversion of hand-drawn sketches
  • Conversion of 2D CAD into 3D models
  • Conversion of design concepts
  • Landscape contouring/large area modelling
  • 3D Fly-through animations
  • 3D Architectural Models

Applications for 3D Modelling:

The wide variety of applications for this include:

  • Visualization & simulation
  • BIM modelling
  • Projection mapping
  • Stage design
  • Engineering surveys & design
  • City modeling
  • Industrial design
  • Films, visual effects and virtual reality
  • Gaming industry
  • Architecture and construction
  • Heavy machinery manufacturing
  • Landscape design

Recent Works

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When using 3D CAD Modeling, you're essentially creating a virtual reality object that can have all of the same properties as an actual physical object: material, weight, size, optical properties, physical properties, etc
The next step in the evolution of 2D CAD Drafting is 3D CAD Modeling. This newer technology allows the user to do everything they could with 2D CAD Drafting but add a 3D rendering aspect to the project itself
  • Acquiring sketching / paper drawings / reference drawings
  • Discovering local libraries
  • Estimation of required turnaround time
  • Box modeling.
  • Polygon modeling.
  • Nurbs and curve modeling.
  • Digital 3D sculpting.
  • Photogrammetry.
  • Simulation.
  • Procedural modeling.
  • Boolean modeling
  • Flow chart technique
  • Data flow diagrams
  • Role activity diagrams
  • Role interaction diagrams
  • Gantt charts
3D CAD modeling helps in designer resources to be used with greater accuracy taking away the manual and tedious part of designs. It enables designers to visualize all components in 3D during the initial design stage and modify/edit instantly.

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