Map making involves the application of both scientific and artistic elements. Create maps that you envision, we provide you with services starting from concept through delivery.

Cartography Services in GIS

Cartography is one of the most effective way of representing a map or to communicate spatial information. Cartography takes science, aesthetics, and technique to model reality on a map in many different ways.

Our Cartography Service Includes:

  • Research, analysis & compilation
  • Editorial & fact-checking
  • Program development
  • Product layout and development
  • Map design & production
  • Illustrations & art
  • Animations & interactive graphics
  • Charts & graphs
  • Photo research
  • Emergency management mapping
  • Chamber mapping
  • Print-on-demand plotting
GIS Cartography

Application Used by Many Industries, Here are a Few to Name:

  • Transport interchanges
  • Hotels & tourist places
  • Hospitals and health care facilities
  • Universities / colleges / schools
  • Recycling centres
  • Shopping centres / retail parks
  • Stadiums

Work Process

GIS Work Process

Our Recent Works

GIS Works

At Polosoft Technology we work with you to bring your vision to reality. We work on a process which ensures the project to be cost effective while developing your ideas with the best of our cartographic services.

We include copyright and all of the native files of the project for you, so that you can use your maps in different ways and projects presentation.


It is the method of studying maps, creating and designing the same. The confluence between practice, science, and art, it lays the principles and practical standards behind maps and map making.
GIS allows digital representation of objects on a map connecting to a database that describes the objects. This linked data to objects on the very map which revolutionized cartography.
Maps serve geographic information systems as a source of input data, a framework for spatial analysis and modeling, and an output medium. GIS transforms cartography by changing data mapped and usage of maps.
Maps using GIS technology link spatial graphic features with non-graphic information. GIS helps the cartographer to work from existing maps, surveys, and other records. Determining thematic and positional accuracy of each feature being mapped.
GIS cartography services provide maps with improved collaboration, quite less redundancy, greater efficiency in pin-pointing data on the map.
Cartography services help create maps for remote places providing a perfect way for sharing data, collaborating phases, embracing publishing and knowledge sharing aspects of information exchange.

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