Convert your GIS map data from one format into another

GIS Data Conversion Services

GIS conversion, is the process of geographical data conversion from one format to another. With the large amount of geo-graphical data at our expose, it is always wise to go for data conversion rather than recreating it.

Incompatible information formats are a big issue while transferring data among different applications. With our GIS conversion services, we ensure that these issues are rectified completely and the end user efficiently translates data in almost any software solution. Our GIS program support many types of data conversion, such as: Vector to Vector, Raster to Raster, Vector to Raster and Raster to Vector.

GIS Data Conversion Services
GIS Data Conversion

Use of GIS Application in Data Conversion Services Includes

  • Utility mapping, contour mapping, topographic mapping
  • Map data creation and digitization services
  • Raster editing
  • Geo rectification and geo-coding services
  • GIS data analysis
  • GIS based custom application development
  • Remote sensing like image processing and Classification
GIS Conversion Benefits

Benefits of Our Services

  • Adherence to data quality management norms
  • Emphasis on data security and data confidentiality
  • Take advantage of the latest technology and procedures
  • Customizable & scalable services with your strategic goals
  • Delivered with optimized transparency, flexibility and efficiency
  • An assured cost reduction ranging from 30% to 50%.
GIS Conversion Advantages

Top GIS Conversion Advantages

  • Land base conversion and maintenance
  • Survey, aerial photogrammetry
  • Cadastral mapping via coordinate geometry and digitizing
  • Database attribution in Oracle, SQL, Informix
  • Facilities conversion and maintenance
  • Convert GIS data with quality control
  • Reconciliation of source maps and interpretation

Work Process

GIS Work Process

Our Recent Works

GIS Works

We 100% assure you of the use of the latest software technology to accomplish our customer requirement in the GIS data conversion services.


Data conversion is defined as translation of data from one format to another. It enables the data to be read, altered, and executed in an application or database.
GIS data conversion is defined as geographical data conversion from one format to another. Large amounts of GIS data is easier for data conversion than recreation.
GIS data outputs can be handled with a wide range of formats Among which GIF, JPEG, TIFF, etc are the most common ones supported by the softwares.
It helps in alteration and transfer of data between different systems. This serves great importance in the insurance sector for making strategies for conversion of data to ensure easy compatibility with their systems.
It is a critical process which helps companies in the migration of information from existing information databases which often require changes in the existing data formats.
Polosoft carried out a critical process needed for migration of information from existing information databases to new ones. It may be because of system replacements or updates helping with data security. Polosoft helps in alteration and transfer of data between different systems.

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