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Polosoft designs elegant and feature-rich custom iOS applications for business purposes. With our easy-to-use, interactive, and intuitive interface, you can get next generation feature-packed iOS app development services. Business owners especially prefer iOS app development services for their business as it stands out from the crowd and is unique when compared with any other OS, especially because it is clean, crisp, and colorful. It’s features make it more attractive than its competition.

iOS will run on all Apple mobile devices and it’s the software that allows you to interact with your iPhone or iPads. While your apps are running, iOS manages your iPhone or iPad’s memory to ensure that the device runs smoothly.

Apple usually updates iOS in a regular interval, to iron out any bugs and security flaws, and also to add new features. You will get the notifications automatically when the update is available with all the features. However, you can also check manually if any update is available to download.

iOS app Development

Benefits You’ll Get With Our iOS App Development:

In this age of rapid technological advancement, having a business app is a must. As a matter of fact, iOS app development is the most preferred option when it comes to building an attractive app, having a rich audience for their business. There’s a certain reason why iOS is the one that’s preferred. Therefore, it’s smart to invest in an iPhone app development company that can bring prospective clients and be profitable for you.

High Paying Customers

iOS app users have better quality audiences than android users. According to statistics, iPhone users spend twice as much as its competitive counterpart, Android. Most Android users use their smartphones for most basic functions and don’t want to invest in high-end software or apps. Whereas, those opting for iOS, be it iPhones or iPads are more willing to buy up-to-date software and apps.

Customer Experience

iPhone users are generally rich audiences. We develop iOS apps that turn customer centricity into action, identifying and activating their fans. iOS apps are attractive and clean, which increases the engagement that creates an exceptional customer experience. This empowers the OS to be the first choice for business apps. The hardware is perfect, customer support is excellent and it offers flawless software as well.

Better Quality

iOS Apps are of much better quality than Android apps because iOS app developers have to work a lot harder to make it tested as per apple parameters with the screen densities, resolutions, hard specifications etc to compare Apples phones. And, if iOS apps are not of high quality, Apple simply rejects it.

Secure Transactions

Though security measures are present to strengthen the safety aspect of online payment, the iOS app makes it safer for its users by encrypting online deals and removing threats like phishing, hacking, etc.

Tools We Use for iOS App Development:

Cocoa Controls

This is often an enormous, daily-updating repository of components (code) that you simply can use in your iOS apps. Our iOS app developers are familiar with this great tool and code which you need not write on your own, and can help you adhere closely to Apple's design philosophy.


The availability of BaaS (Backend as a service) nowadays is helping app developers to store data, static hosting, real-time synchronization, and user-event logging by using the Firebase. Developing an iOS app, playchat, that cache stores data in the Firebase Realtime Database.


XCode is an IDE for macOS, containing a string of software development tools. Using the iOS SDK, Xcode can be used to compile and debug applications for iOS that run on ARM architecture procedure.


This is a great tool and its features are also useful for iOS developers. It’s error free with useful analytics to supply an unparalleled comprehensive suite of features. As an advantage, we upload the beta version of iOS apps in the TestFlight for testing all the Apple parameters along with checking with different Apple devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

Process of Polosoft’s iOS App Development

  • Application Idea Elaboration

    Application Idea Elaboration

    We understand our client’s requirements, thoughts, and their business needs. Also, we develop app ideas and focus exclusively on iOS development, without distractions.

  • Storyboard & Planning

    Storyboard & Planning

    We start with the planning and create an entire roadmap or storyboard of your project. To make sure your app gains more audience and gets downloaded several times, we run thorough market research for your business competition.

  • Content Finalization

    Content Finalization

    The content is going to be defined consistent within the application. We always talk to our clients regarding what kind of content they want within their application before proceeding with the development.

  • Wireframing


    We understand the basic concept of our client and develop wireframes or blueprints showing how the app would look like. It lays the foundation of the app design process and other steps to create the app.

  • UI/UX Design

    UI/UX Design

    We understand that the user-experience plays a vital role, therefore our goal at this stage is to create a design that is both visually appealing and have an intuitive approach, which is customer-centric.

  • Backend & Frontend Development

    Backend & Frontend Development

    App functionality highly depends on the backend development and the frontend is the side that directly interacts with the users, therefore is very crucial. We develop smooth user-friendly iOS apps that are strong both in terms of frontend and backend.

  • App Testing

    App Testing

    After the technical app development process, our team of experts review and test the app for any bugs or crashes. As Apple is very particular about the apps that it puts on the App Store, we make sure that every parameter is met according to the the Apple’s standard.

Our iOS Applications Can Be Used In A Variety of Industries

Different industries across the world are finding a way to boost their brand name and profit easily. Today, there are a number of industries that are taking advantage of the mobile application, and these are some of the industries which are hugely benefited by the use of iOS mobile apps.

IT Industry

The IT industry is constantly on the run. It needs to show their innovations, technological advancements and advantages to their customers first. No matter if it’s a startup, small, medium, or big sized company, you would always want to promote your business in a better way. IT companies need to use iOS business apps to promote their portfolio as well as their work-related things to various clients.


Mobility has made learning convenient and affordable within the current age. E-learning is one of the most popular educational trends for the past few years. The iOS Mobile app enhances the interest of learners in learning and understanding content quickly.


iOS app developers can help you build innovative and interactive mobile apps that can change the entire landscape of the retail business that will offer better customer service and operation. iOS mobile apps provide a high level of customer service.

Travel & Tourism

The travel & tourism industry is in the global mobile app use. Many tourism companies are using mobile app technology so as to reinforce growth and brand image for business purposes. The travel industry is effectively using iOS technology & enjoying its unmatched results.

As an iOS app development company, we’ve developed award-winning and critically acclaimed mobile applications. We believe the rationale for our success is our all-around approach to app development, taking into consideration the analysis of the business requirements, user experience, app functionality, and testing.

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