LiDAR Drafting Services

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LiDAR Drafting Services

Being in the industry for a long time, Polosoft provides LiDAR drafting and LiDAR mapping services, allowing mapping professionals to examine both natural and man-made terrains with accuracy, precision, and flexibility. LiDAR technology is all the rage now and it’s going to be more powerful in the coming days, Polosoft Technologies supports the LiDAR system and continues providing high-quality LiDAR drafting and LiDAR mapping services.

Industries We Serve

We cater to different industries and our key functions play a crucial role in every industry.


LiDAR helps in mapping roads and streets to emphasize road safety and ...

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LiDAR mapping data reveal changes in the environment over time, which is one of ...

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Utility Mapping

The utility sector uses LiDAR technology in many of its functions such as Power, ...

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Landslide Risk Assessment

Landslides are a big concern in mountain areas and LiDAR provides the best solution...

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Forestry Mapping

LiDAR can map forests overtime to represent deforestation, endangered species, ...

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Land Cover Classification

Government authorities and private sectors rely on the land cover and its ...

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Highway and Road Survey

LiDAR presents easy to use representations of highways and roads, which are one...

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Flood Mapping

Saving an endangered region from flood with LiDAR’s elevation model is now much more ...

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