Land Survey CAD Drafting

Get detailed drawings on your specifications required to complete the planning of your next project like ALTA, Topographic, Sub Division, Boundary Survey and more.

Land Survey CAD Drafting Services

Land Surveyors depend on CAD drafting to design and update maps that highlight different terrains. Land survey CAD drafting is an important part of the initial phase of any project. Polosoft drafting service involves designing 2D and 3D models of the area through the computer software for better planning and execution of construction projects. Our CAD technicians are professionals with years of experience to design and update maps which consists of the complete layout of the project.

Polosoft is an established drafting services company offering a wide range of land survey cad drafting services. To assists survey professionals, and their company, we can work with many advanced tools and industry standard software as per requirement of clients for CAD drafting.

Polosoft feels glad to work with numerous architects, interior designers, civil engineers, space planners, contractors, builders, and real estate owners.

We offer land survey drafting services like

Alta Survey

Alta Survey

An ALTA survey is a survey that is performed in accordance with the standards specified by the American land title association (ALTA) and the American congress of surveying and mapping. An ALTA survey is highly necessary as it minimizes the risk of non-acceptance by any governing authority.

Boundary and Location Survey

Boundary and Location Survey

A boundary and location survey is needed to find out the exact plotting done on a terrain. This is used in government surveys as well as private landowners.

Topographic Survey

Topographic Survey

The purpose of a topographic survey is to gather information about the elevation of points on a piece of land and show them as contour lines.

Utilities (Gas, water, fire, power, sewer, etc)

Utilities (Gas, water, fire, power, sewer, etc)

Utility survey mainly comes into the picture in the telecom and power-line industries where surveys are needed to map the power-line structure, electric poles, water pipeline, etc.

Residential Mortgage Survey

Residential Mortgage Survey

A property needs to be inspected before purchasing. A physical inspection is needed but not enough. The real-estate market always needs a residential mortgage survey to inspect a property.

Tower Survey

Tower Survey

Tower surveys are surveys conducted on a set of towers in a specified area. From finding tower load to finding extra tower requirements, there are a number of the reason these surveys are conducted.

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Why Should One Choose Our Land Survey Drafting Company?

Competitive prices, high quality, and quick turnaround time.

Dedicated Project Manager for each project.

Increased productivity by converting a conceptual design to a detailed CAD drawing.

Advanced use of computer tools which removes the problem of duplication of labor.

Full-service solutions for your customized requirements.

We have worked with various different states like Texas, New York, New Jersey, Arizona, California and many more states in USA and very well aware of drafting standards. While working on time constraints and still maintaining the quality of drafting. We understand that every project is unique and it is our goal to understand your specific requirements. We will ensure that your drafting works go the way you want, we will tailor our CAD drafting services accordingly to provide you with the solutions ideally suited to the requirement.

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Land survey CAD drafting becomes vital during any and every project’s initial phase. CAD drafting services can involve 2D and 3D model designing of the area using a computer software for better planning and execution of construction projects.
An important step in the CAD drafting is creating opportunities to work out the functional details on the screen before it becomes physical i.e. before building anything physically. Models and manufacturing technologies Polosoft uses are made into digital files created in the 3D using CAD softwares.
Polosoft focuses on communication of information with the clients. The project manager is thoroughly responsible for communicating clearly, effectively and at relevant times. A continuous communication network is maintained with you at all times keeping you on the same page as us about the project. Communication is simple and easy via email, phone, fax, or online chat and also a FTP transfer can be set up for our clients.
Data security is not a concern with Polosoft, with a perfectly secured server and software database your CAD project is in safe hands.
  • Maintaining maps and boundaries
  • Marking locations & building corners
  • Helping management of civil law
  • Easing of property transactions
Land surveying is used to decipher a 3D position of points and the distances and angles between them. Same is used to make models for architecture, infrastructure, rural, urban or mining development.
Polosoft Technologies provides CAD drafting services in the USA and around the world with years of experience and an office in Mayland (USA) and you can easily outsource our professionals.

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