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GIS for Forestry Management Service

GIS technology is used in forest management to simplify and build a sustainable forest development plan. In modern times, it is of immense necessity to take care of our forest, timber, living animals of the forest, forest expansion, forest fire, deforestation, landslides etc.

GIS technology has been widely accepted by government as well as private forestry agencies. GIS has proven to play a vital role in resource management, harvest planning, fire management, map production, and GIS for strategic planning and modeling.

GIS helps in making maps which has different details of the forest in different time period, which than makes it easier, not just to calculate the exact changes which have happened but also the future measures to be taken, like best practices to prevent future fire etc.

GIS application in forest management: GIS Forestry Timber
In forest management, GIS is used to predict the future changes in the forest, how the forest will expand over years, how the flora and fauna will develop, if wildlife can sustain the forest development process? etc. These information's are of high value as forests are one of the most conservative thing in the society which demands high protection and planning. Various GIS application for forest management can be integrated in following processes:

  • Data collection and maintenance
  • Data viewing and query
  • Decision support systems

Map Production :

Forest management needs a lot of maps for different statistics and features. Plantation maps are one of the most sort after maps while other maps could be showing roads, rivers, boundaries, planted species etc. Other features like contours, infrastructure, fire breaks, and conservation areas may be also included in the map.

Fire Management:

Fire management is one of the most important issue a forest management cares about, Fire management GIS services include fire prevention, wildlife control, prescribed burning, and post fire recovery actions as its part. To know more about our GIS mapping services for Forestry and Timber, please get in touch with us at

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