LiDAR for Flood Mapping

LiDAR Data Based Flood Modeling Approach Strengthening Flood Management.

LiDAR Data for Flood Mapping and Assessment

Flood is one of the most life taking natural disaster, every year it claims thousands of lives and destroys a significant amount of property. With the introduction of digital elevation models from LiDAR data, we analyze the flood situation and map data in a much better way.

Flood plain monitoring via LiDAR digital elevation modeling data offers the opportunity to understand changes in an area and waterways on a large scale. With the ability to identify spot fluctuations in danger areas quickly, early warning procedures can be activated.

Earth’s surface and its height is a major factor which comes into the picture when a situation like a flood arises. With an exact measure of the slope on the earth surface, we can predict how the flood water will move.

With elevation data, it can be easily identified that if a flood like situation arises which areas of the land will first be water immersed and at what level of the waterfall. This type of data can help to minimize the destruction caused by pre-planning for a flood beforehand.

LiDAR Helps in Flood Mapping in the Following Ways:

Map the areas at risk
In rescue operations
Improve the water outlet in a situation of flood
Secure areas of interest, prior to floods
Flood Mapping LiDAR

Work Process

Work Process

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