LiDAR for Land Cover Classification

Solving Problems of Agricultural Hazards, Deteriorating Soil Quality, Conversion of Prime Agricultural Lands, Food Security, and Loss of Wildlife Habita.

LiDAR Data for Land Cover Classification

Land cover is an observable image of the many projects taking place on the land surface. Classifying and mapping land cover is an integral process in understanding the earth's biophysical systems. Land cover classification data are generally geo-referenced with high accuracy data, example: population, urban fabric, trees, water, wildlife, and forests.

Land cover classification is the showcase of different color which makes it very easy to understand and read.

Bare Earth (Ground and Non-Ground Classification):

Bare earth classification is done by the semi-automatic process then followed by quality check using global software. Bare Earth class is used for DEM generation.

Bare Earth Above Ground (features – vegetation, buildings, bridges):

Advanced Classification point clouds are done by semi-automatic and manual classification process using global software.

Land Cover Classification Lidar

Land Cover Classification Services Cover:

  • Impervious quantification for storm water runoff prediction and drainage requirements
  • Tree canopy calculations for storm water runoff and pollution impact studies
  • Irrigated and non-irrigated water use calculations for arid areas
  • Environmental assessment of undeveloped and vacant land identification
  • Planning green space and trails for recreational purposes and other urban planning applications
  • Ecosystem or forest species/community maps
  • Fire hazard maps that relate to fuel availability for wild land fires
  • Urban planning assessment

Land cover classification has increasingly gained importance in addressing environmental processes and problems especially for developing agricultural countries.

Work Process

Work Process

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