LiDAR for Landslide Risk Management, Detection and 3D Mapping

LiDAR for Landslide Risk Management

LiDAR Helps in Preventing and Mitigating Landslides with Accuracy of Geospatial Data.

LiDAR for Landslide Risk Management

Landslide is a significant geohazard, which frequently results in the loss of human life, infrastructure, and economy. LiDAR generates high-resolution digital elevation model which is used to detect and evaluate potential landslide risks and its damage. The use of LiDAR application in landslide risk management depends on detection, characterization, hazard assessment, susceptibility mapping, modeling, and monitoring.

We specialize in spatial analysis, terrain modeling and 3D modeling for detection and evaluation of landslides and its potential damages. Landslide hazard assessment includes modeling slope stability using an infinite-slope stability analysis.

List of Reasons for Landslides:LiDAR Land Slide Risk Management

  • Intense rainfall
  • Flood
  • Rapid snow melt
  • Earthquakes
  • Volcanic eruptions


The use of LiDAR digital elevation models and their derivatives can be useful for landslide mapping using most statistical techniques without requiring additionally detailed data-sets that are often difficult to obtain or are of lower quality.

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