Drone Mapping Data Processing

Using of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or drones is considered an efficient tool for mapping and monitoring. Connect with our experts for Drone Mapping Data Processing.


Drone (UAV) Data Processing Services

Drone mapping is the economical alternative to the traditional aerial surveying. Many industries and projects can leverage UAV drone technology. Drone survey cover smaller areas of land of up to several square kilometres, construction and development sites.

Polosoft offers turnkey UAV LiDAR data solutions that can take care of GPS control points and data processing. With drone LiDAR data mapping, we perform contours of varying intervals, cut and fill modeling, Digital Elevation Models (DEM), Digital Terrain Models (DTM), Ortho-rectification in combination with imagery, planimetric mapping, slope mapping, and tree height analysis etc. So, depending on your project requirement, we collect cloud points to produce high-resolution maps and 3D models of natural and man-made objects.

Our UAV or Drone LiDAR data services provide mapping, modeling, point cloud classification, and digital elevation models for any project.

Benefits of Our Drone LiDAR data Service Includes:

Drone LiDAR data will be used for services, like: DEM, DTM, DSM, contours, Ortho mosaic, 3D modeling, and point cloud classification.


LiDAR comes into effect in surveys where a manual survey is either not possible or quite time taking. For a road or rail line to be built on a mountain, it is quite important for the engineers to have a complete digital terrain model(DTM) of the site along with the details of the vegetation, rocks etc around the proposed site, also digital elevation model (DEM) for the site is needed to find the elevation measurement which helps in deciding the right path for the proposed route, which will incur in less time and investment.


With the modeling part mainly 3 types of modelling is performed, Digital terrain modelling(DTM), Digital Elevation Modelling(DEM), Digital Surface modelling(DSM)

3d Modelling

In 3D modelling, a structure is made with x, y, and z coordinates to give a depth to the image. This also enables better visualisation of object or terrain.


With contour generation, elevation of a terrain is better understandable. A terrain is represented with contour lines of equal elevated places.

Point cloud classification

With point cloud classification, a terrain can be classified with the point cloud data. All the features of a terrain can be classified from the solid earth.


Most of the time, due to system error the collected data is somewhat distorted. It is of vital necessity to get rid of this error data. We process the various collected point clouds to get the correct data with our LiDAR data matching service where we match the distorted point clouds.

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