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Welcome to Polosoft Technologies Pvt Ltd

About Polosoft Technologies

Polosoft Technologies is an innovative service provider of LiDAR, CAD, GIS, Mobile applications solution, Website design, eCommerce site design and development. We have an experienced and talented pool of resources for various technologies within these service horizontals. 

Our success factors are the customer engagement, project management and timely delivery. Our company culture is to provide an environment for every team member to be innovative and a problem solver. We are completely customer focused and determined to satisfy our customer’s expectations. 

We work closely with each client to develop a customized plan for appropriate services and products, resulting in a more accurate and timely delivery.We have the ability to produce innovative geo-spatial solutions tailored to the specific client requirements and goals of each unique project for the different industry. 

Keeping the client’s needs as priority, we are able to ensure that each project is conducted in a manner to exemplify a positive geo-service experience. No matter the size of the project, Polosoft geo-spatial service promises excellence in techniques, quality and cost-effective customer service.



Polosoft strongly believe in integrity within the company between the team and for our customers.

Leading Change

Polosoft always believes on continuous and regress changes for improving the quality of services. We always takes lead for the dynamic changes and agility.


Polosoft always works with high excellence in every field – quality, delivery, and customer engagement.

Foster Innovation

At Polosoft always encourage for every team member to be innovative and provide the environment to inculcate the same within the entire organisation.

Learning and Sharing

Within the team, it is always encouraged to learn quick and share quickly within the team members for the parity.