ADA Compliance Website Design

Build Website That Accessible to People with Disabilities along with General Audience.

ADA Compliance Website Design

The whole idea of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility requires and points out to the ability of a specially abled website visitor for effectively navigating through it to consume content, information or take an action such as a purchase. ADA is aimed at website owners and developers setting the global standard for creating web content that is accessible to users of all abilities.

Polosoft Technologies sets the standard for a website being ADA compliant offers full fledged ADA compliant website designing, helping industries and businesses to stay updated, accessible and competitive unleashing new potential growth.

ADA compliance standards

  • Basic website content accessible for all its visitors for the product or services.
  • Helping visitors know your products or services are different i.e. better.
  • Making it accessible for the visitors to know about offer.
  • Helping visitors process their queries, objections, and notions on the website.
ADA Compliance

Our ADA Compliant Design Services

ADA Compliant UI/UX Design

Polosoft provides ADA compliant UI/UX designing services in terms with WCAG guidelines and making the website universally accessible.

ADA Compliant Custom Website Design

Our professional and dedicated team of web designers evolve and adapt to the changing rules of accessibility giving you the edge.

ADA Compliant Responsive Design

Determined to design a perfectly mobile-friendly & custom responsive website design that works on all devices.

ADA Compliant SEO Optimization

Our team will aid your SEO efforts as well. Our website includes elements to improve the overall UX and increase your search rankings.

ADA Compliant WCAG Levels Design

Our web design team is aware and has experience at implementing WCAG conformance levels – A (lowest), AA (mid-range), AAA (highest).

ADA Compliant Audit and Review

We design and review the ADA compliance uncovering any design issues hindering usability of your website by people with disabilities.

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Tools and Features Your ADA Website Needs

Large Text

Large Text

Easy consuming of content for specially abled.

Keyboard Navigation

Keyboard Navigation

Helping your visitors accessing your website.

Interactive Elements

Interactive Elements

For visitors with audio impairment.

Screen Contrast

Screen Contrast

For visually impaired visitors to your website.

Text to Speech Conversion

Text to Speech Conversion

For visually impaired visitors to your website.

Text to Speech Conversion

Website Color Accessibility checke

For visually impaired visitors to your website.

Text to Speech Conversion

Headings and Labels.

A clean and better user experience of specially abled.

Focus Visibility

Focus Visibility

For visually impaired website visitors.

Language Support

Language Support

For visitors of all abilities.

How Polosoft Technologies is working on ADA Compliant?

>Alt Text with Images

All Images uploaded on our website have descriptive Alt Text.

Font Resize

Visitors are enabled to enlarge font sizes of texts.

Easy Contrast.

Easy contrast review throughout our website.

Keyboard Navigation

Easy keyboard navigation for our visitors.

ASL for Audio & Video

Relevant transcripts or captions for video and audio content uploaded.

Descriptive URL

Descriptive URLs used in our website helps in easy navigation.


ARIA in coding provides semantic meaning to content.

No placeholders in form field

We use labels instead of placeholders for specially abled.

Being technically advanced and your business website running hasslefree is not the only requirement in today’s world. We at Polosoft Technologies have a dedicated team of website designers to make your website ADA compliance which is a government guideline for a perfect website.

Benefits of ADA Compliant Website Design for Global Audience

  • Build intuitive and Navigate web apps.
  • Universal accessible website design.
  • Expand your target personas.
  • Foster strong customer relationships.
  • Ensure stronger user experience for all.
  • Improves organic SEO performance.
  • Reach Maximum Audience Globally.
Benefits of ADA Compliant Website Design for Global Audience
  • Improves Equitability and Inclusiveness.
  • Visibility & Accessibility to Everyone.
  • Adherence to universal Law.
  • Competitive Edge in the Market.
  • Positive Brand Reputation.
  • Promote Visitors Loyalty.
  • Grow Business & Increase ROI.

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