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Digital Process Automation

Digital process automation(DPA) is the method that involves digital technology to optimize processes as well as partially automate the business task that needs human interaction. While business needs DPA to save-time, cut labor costs, and improve customer experience are some benefits that a company can take.

However, business still needs some form of human interaction just to automate the business process.

The concept of digital process automation is to digitize and automate the process to make business employee-centric and customer-centric. It allows your customers to access the information they want.

Polosoft aims to integrate agile digital technology to deliver cognitive services to every industry across the globe. Our digital process automation service brings an unprecedented level of success to the business that every business wants to achieve. To create employee-centric and customer-centric, Polosoft is the best company that provides reliable and trusted sources to deliver saving, efficiency, and next-gen experience to the clients.

Digital Process Automation Services at Polosoft

Accelerate the people, applications, devices and information across your organization


Polosoft cloud solutions provide various automation tools to deliver and manage a wide array of multi-vendor, multi-cloud applications, infrastructure, and custom services. By harnessing cloud services, your customers access the information they want. Our cloud automation services include:

  • Third-party Abilities
  • Cloud automation for various industries
  • Internet/Intranet Capabilities
  • Data Storage

Desktop Automation

Our Desktop automation services help you give accurate and consistent IT processes. It also helps save time and cost. Automating repetitive tasks reduces downtime and boosts incident management processes. Spreadsheets, PDFs, Emails, Data, and Analytical tools are integrated services of desktop automation.

Enterprise Automation

Improve customer interaction and grow business by not investing in additional resources. Through agile and nimble technologies and detailed-end-to-end processes, we help you boost the performance and provide custom solutions you need. Our enterprise services include workflow and rules, digital channels, analytics/reporting, and collaboration tools.

RPA Point Process Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) services empower the business with agile digital technologies and help achieve an unprecedented level -performance. RPA services enable you to give high-level process assessment, high-level technology assessment, implementation, deployment, and support.

Roadmap development and technology selection

A roadmap engagement service adopts digital process automation at an extended level. It gives the perfect idea to achieve strategic targets, performs a comprehensive assessment, and comes with a high-level implementation plan. With roadmaps, you identify the process for improving weak areas, prioritizing and sequencing process automation, planning for technology integration, and detailed end-to-end ROI assessment, and many more.

Cognitive automation

Cognitive process automation helps in reducing repetitive tasks and delivering unprecedented levels of performance with precision. By harnessing the cognitive techniques with digital technologies, machine learning components make the context easy to understand. The cognitive automation process includes chatbot/ML for automated customer support, AI/ML models for anomaly detections, price adjustment, and CRM and sales services.

Digital Process Automation Strategy and Process

At Polosoft, Digital Process Automation (DPA) is a strategy to modulate synergistic digital capabilities to deliver accurate experiences and build responsive business value chains.

  • Research


    With comprehend digital process automation, a company can transform. Our team research and consult with you and apply strategies to deliver unprecedented performance and business function-level. The better analysis helps in identifying better practices, succeeding factors, and finding solutions along with recommendations.

  • Strategy


    Our team will give you an extensive business plan to execute the plan of action. With the visualization of digital process automation, our developers streamline the services to deliver the best outcomes.

  • Implementation


    Our team of developers implements all tools, technologies, and cognitive transformation strategies to accelerate and level-up digital process automation within your company.

  • Operation


    We manage and support digital process automation to resolve the problems each time you face them. We coordinate during the entire automated process by providing end-to-end visibility.

Applications of Digital Process Automation at Polosoft

The nature of automation is visible at all organization levels that change with the nature of their businesses and industries.

Employee Onboarding Process

  • Employee information forms and other bank account related paperwork
  • Collecting relevant documents
  • Assigning trainers and scheduling their timings

Customer Relationship

  • Customer support
  • Automating responses to general queries


  • Manage approvals from higher ranks for ordering something new
  • Invoice reconciliation

Process Mining

  • Conformance checking
  • Generating audit proofs
  • Automation of new processes
  • Achieving legal compliance


  • Customer onboarding process
  • Credit check process
  • Risk assessment process

Sales and Advertising

  • Cost estimation
  • Product processing cycle
  • Market research


  • Monitoring the medical data maintenance process
  • Admission processes and financial operations
  • Patients flow and documentation
  • Maintaining the patients and rooms for medical emergencies
  • Keeping a track on medication and drugs supply

Implementation of Digital Process Automation for Business

DPA plays an essential role while consolidating business with IT to empower the business; hence gives unprecedented results.



Digital automation of repetitive human work



Business data collection and management with digital business applications



To analyze and renovate business processes for improvements



Digitization of documents, with extraction and analysis of data while eliminating a manual entry process.



Audit the application process and business rules to change in the process

Benefits Digital Process Automation

Benefits Digital Process Automation with Polosoft

  • Reduce human failure
  • Improved Data
  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce the cost of labor
  • More precise data
  • Perform other tasks
  • Integration of new technologies
Hire AI and ML Developers

Hire Developer for Digital Process Automation

We offer flexible developer pricing models to enable clients to hire best digital process automation developers for full-time, offshore or on an hourly basis.

  • Hourly Pricing Model
  • Full Time Pricing Model
  • Developers for Dedicate Project

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