GIS for Mining

Solutions for Mineral exploration to mine remediation!

GIS for Mining and Exploration

Polosoft offers GIS solutions to the business of mineral exploration and extraction is inherently spatial. GIS technology is a protean tool for gathering, storing, and accessing geographic information quickly and easily in the mining industry.

Mining Companies Use GIS to:

  • Target mineral exploration
  • Evaluate mining conditions
  • Model mine construction
  • Display geo-chemical and hydrology data
  • Improve facility management and policing
  • Apply for mining permits
  • Assess environmental impact
  • Manage land titles
  • Process closures
  • Plan reclamation activities
  • Improve community education

By using the GIS application, most mining companies increase data communication, maximizes processing efficiency, and improves decision making for finding profitable in the regions.

GIS for Mining and Exploration

Polosoft team GIS solutions help mining professionals meet the complex challenges for the mining operation, by providing the necessary mapping with tools to display, analyze and archive volumes of spatial survey data. Get in touch with us at email.

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Work Process

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