GIS for Oil & Gas, GIS Mapping for Pipelines, GIS for Petroleum Industry

GIS for Oil and Gas

Improving Efficiency, Regulatory, Safety, and Profitability in Oil and Gas Industry using Spatial System.

GIS Mapping and Spatial Analysis for Oil and Gas

GIS benefits oil and gas industries in numerous number of ways, from locating and extracting new resources of gas to improving field management and ensuring HSE compliance for oil extraction. Advanced mapping and spatial analytics can explain better insights of relationships and patterns, and help users make informed decisions.

Here are few areas where GIS comes to help:GIS for Oil and Gas

Well Planning:

Digging a well is one of the most important part of oil or gas extraction. GIS first helps find a site, then helps in finding the best route digging it, these processes saves a lot of time, money, labour which otherwise would not have been possible.

Field Operations:

This is one of the places where flying surveys are taken using GIS time to time to take better and updated data of the work area which can help analysis later.

Environmental Monitoring:

Companies working on excavation industry have a responsibility both socially and legally to make sure that the forest and the ecosystem surrounding the site does not get harmed. GIS maps helps measuring and controlling the impact of industry on the ecosystem by mapping the water bodies, soil sample, vegetation, rocks etc.

Pipeline Routing:

Laying pipelines is no easy task as it takes a lot of data, before even designing the route. GIS data is brought to use to plan the best route for pipeline route which would be the most cost effective, easy to maintain in future, less human interaction etc.

Emergency Response:

In case of a pipeline break or oil spill, GIS data is brought to use to identify the best solution in the least possible time.  To meet every needs of oil, gas and pipelines industry we provide GIS services like: mapping, digitization, data conversion, analytics, and GIS web/ mobile application.  Get in touch with us at .

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