Remote Sensing: Accurate & Effortless Data Acquisition

Remote Sensing Data Processing

Remote sensing is a method which eases the whole process of acquisition of data by using satellites, airplanes, drones to capture data on a wide range easily, quickly and accurately. Remote sensing also enables us to take data from places which are hard to reach physically. Polosoft expertise in remote sensing services, and we make sure of the accuracy and cost-effective data collection, which is a vital input for planning and designing of any mapping project.

Remote sensing spatial data can help considerably to show vulnerable areas, enhance mapping, and ameliorate the understanding of hazards and their complex interactions. The main advantages to be outlined refer to the spatially extending information collection, data base creation and the monitoring capabilities.

Remote sensing technology is used in a wide variety of disciplines in thousands of different use cases, including most earth sciences, such as meteorology, geology, hydrology, ecology, oceanography, glaciology, geography, and in land surveying, as well as applications in military, intelligence, commercial, economic and also government use the information for decision making civil defence operations, police and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in general.

Remote Sensing
UAV Technology

UAV Technology

UAVs don't seem to be a replacement technology; they have been around for a variety of years and it's solely currently that the varied industries have begun to observe this remote sensing tool. Spatial information is and will be used for select projections.

Satellite Technology

Satellite Technology

Satellite representational process has seen the rise in demand for it's reached new heights. This space of remote sensing has achieved nice advances in resolution, bands and frequency of capture, turning this business into a frontrunner of spatial information acquisition.

Spatial data conversion

Spatial Data Conversion

Spatial conversion to spatial data is the method of turning your spatial information into over merely representational process, contours and digital elevation models, to actual any uses of the info, as well as merchandise and show ways for analysis procedures and easy access.

Polosoft in Remote Sensing Data Processing

Polosoft plays a vital role to process altered type of the remote sensing data obtain from various sources like Satellite imagery, UAV data, Aerial Photographs etc for our valuable customer from different industries.

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

  • Orientation (AO, IO)
  • Aerial triangulation
  • DTM/DEM & contour generation from stereo imagery
  • 3D Image preparation for vector
  • Orthophoto generation, Mosaic and rectification
  • Cloud point extraction for 3D LiDAR Classification
Satellite Imagery

Satellite Imagery Processing

  • DEM from stereo pairs
  • Vector contours from stereo imagery
  • Analysis and value added information
  • Optical and radar Elevation Modeling
  • Vector and raster elevation information
  • Slope, line of sight, and watershed modeling
Elevation Modeling

UAV Data processing(Digital photogrammetry)

  • Vector and raster elevation information from a variety of sources
  • Value added products for slope, line of sight, and watershed modeling
  • 3D image and cloud point preparation
  • DTM and contouring
  • Orthophoto generation, Mosaic and rectification
Image Analysis

Image Processing & Analysis

  • Classification
  • Change detection
  • Image enhancement
  • Image processing and correction
  • Digital image processing
  • Raster base GIS model preparation

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As a leading GIS Company, Polosoft Technologies extends its Geospatial and IT services to clients around the globe. Polosoft partners and collaborates with various GIS Companies to provide tailored solutions and GIS services for them years ahead of the whole race.

GIS mapping services have been a vital link in Remote sensing data processing with years of experience Polosoft connects the dots and paves the path for the whole world for a better tomorrow.


Remote sensing data acquisition is a process conducted on platforms such as an aircraft, satellites, balloons, rockets, space shuttles, etc. for the use of sensors to collect data.
  • Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR)
  • Radio Detection and Ranging (RADAR)
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems.
  • Hyperspectral Imagery.
  • Thermal Imagery.
  • Aerial Photography.
Remote sensors collect the required data by using sensors to detect the energy that is reflected from Earth. Sensors can be mounted on satellites or on aircraft. They tend to record the natural energy reflected or emitted from the Earth's surface.
  • Active sensors are enabled with their own source of energy to illuminate the objects they observe.
  • Passive sensors detect natural energy i.e radiation emitted or reflected by the object or scene being observed.
The science of extracting information from Earth's surface without being in contact with it. It’s done by sensing and recording reflected or emitted energy, processing the same for other applications.
It enables the companies to collect information over large spatial areas characterizing natural features or physical objects on the ground. Helps observe the surface areas and objects in a systematic way, monitoring the changes over a period of time.

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