LiDAR for Highway and Road

LiDAR Technology Changing the Course of Highways and Road Development Industry.

LiDAR for Highway Road Construction

LiDAR technology provides a remarkable capability for the rapid 3D mapping of highways, infrastructure, and buildings using vehicle-mounted lasers and digital video cameras. It helps with collecting engineering/ survey-grade lidar data over large or small areas.

Through the LiDAR application, capturing every detail along with a highway corridor - including road barriers, cracks in the road surface, ditches, and overhead wires etc.

Surveyors can create highly accurate 3D digital models for new planning, road infrastructure, maintenance, wide load route assessment, and asset management applications such as:

  • Analysis of road infrastructure
  • Location of encroaching overhead wires, light poles, road signs, etc.
  • Bridge structure and overhead clearances
  • Road surface conditions
  • Complete asset management for cities and counties.
LiDAR for Highway Road Construction
LiDAR for Highway Road Construction

Benefits of LiDAR Survey in Highway Road Projects:

  • Rapid, accurate collection of all features it “sees’ from lidar and imagery in a single pass
  • Collection of data at road speeds—eliminates traditional surveyor safety issues, keeps roads/lanes open, minimize impact to traffic
  • Collects 1,000x more data in less than 10% of the time taken for traditional collection methods
  • Collects both GIS & survey data
  • Used to airborne lidar, GIS, orthoimagery
  • Used in both emergency and tactical planning
  • Obtains data under canopies or overhead obstructions, low cloud ceiling, and/or light rain
  • Data integrated with airborne lidar for a complete data-set

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