LiDAR for Highway and Road

LiDAR Technology is Changing the Course of the Highways and Road Development Industry.

LiDAR for Highway Road Construction

Using vehicle-mounted lasers and digital video cameras, LiDAR technology offers a unique potential for the quick 3D mapping of roads, infrastructure, and structures. Engineering and survey-grade lidar data may be collected over vast or small regions with its assistance.

By using the LiDAR application, it is possible to capture every aspect of a highway corridor, such as traffic barriers, surface cracks, ditches, overhead wires, etc.

Surveyors can produce extremely precise 3D digital models for purposes like wide load route evaluation, road infrastructure maintenance, new planning, and asset management.

  • Analysis of road infrastructure
  • Location of approaching light poles, road signs, overhead wires, etc.
  • Bridge structure and overhead clearances
  • The conditions of the roads.
  • Fully integrated asset management for counties and cities.
LiDAR for Highway Road Construction
LiDAR for Highway Road Construction

Advantages of LiDAR Survey in Highway Road Projects:

  • Rapid, accurate collection of all features it “sees” from lidar and imagery in a single pass.
  • Data collection at highway speeds minimizes the impact on traffic, maintains roads and lanes open, and avoids typical surveyor safety concerns.
  • 1,000 times more data is collected in 10% of the time it would take using more conventional approaches.
  • Collects both GIS & survey data.
  • Used to airborne lidar, GIS, and ortho imagery.
  • Useful for both tactical and emergency planning.
  • Obtains data in low cloud ceilings, light rain, or beneath umbrellas or other overhead barriers.
  • Integrated data sets with airborne lidar are available.

Polosoft Technologies provides an essential solution in further enhancing the security, efficiency, and economics of highway and road networks as LiDAR technology further develops. The sector has a promising future, with the possibility for even more ground-breaking and innovative technologies that will keep improving efficiency and safety for all road users.

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Work Process

Work Process


LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology uses lasers and digital cameras to capture precise 3D data of road infrastructure and surroundings. It enables quick mapping of roads, bridges, barriers, and other features, providing valuable information for highway and road development projects.
LiDAR surveys offer several advantages, including rapid and accurate data collection, even at highway speeds. It minimizes traffic disruptions, ensures surveyor safety, and collects a large volume of data in a short time compared to traditional approaches. LiDAR can capture both GIS and survey data, making it versatile for various applications.
LiDAR data can be utilized for analyzing road infrastructure conditions, locating elements such as light poles, road signs, and overhead wires, and assessing bridge structures and overhead clearances. It also supports fully integrated asset management for counties and cities, aiding in planning and maintenance activities.
LiDAR provides valuable data for tactical and emergency planning, offering insights into road conditions, potential hazards, and alternative route evaluations. Its ability to collect data in various weather conditions and beneath overhead barriers ensures its usefulness in critical situations.
Polosoft Technologies specializes in LiDAR services for highway and road projects. They offer expertise in data collection, processing, and analysis to provide valuable insights and support the development of efficient and secure road networks. Contact us via email for further information and project collaboration.

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