LiDAR for Forestry

Using the LiDAR Technology for Qualitative Analysis, and Mapping of Forests.


LiDAR for Forestry Management and Mapping

Mapping has always been critical for a forest in various ways, inventory, fire management planning, and conservation planning. These tasks are particularly challenging while done manually, as our forests exhibit tremendous variability in composition, volume, quality, and topography.

LiDAR is an advanced technology which is widely used all over the world. This technology provides horizontal and vertical information at a high spatial resolution and vertical accuracies, offering opportunities for enhanced forest monitoring, management, and planning.

A forest survey is done to help us achieve many aspects like:

  • Forest management
  • Fire prediction
  • Wildlife assessment.
LiDAR for Forestry Management and Mapping

A forest has many different sections to it, which are needed to be understood differently. The parts of forest which are taken into consideration during a forest survey are the tree density, volume, and height characteristics.

With different information at our disposal, an effective plan could be made in a short period of time. For forest management, data for the deforestation over a period of time is needed to manage the trees which can be cut in order to maintain the wildlife unharmed.

A variety of spatial data layers are required for forest fire behavior model, which can accurately predict forest fire behavior, including elevation, slope, aspect, canopy height, canopy cover, crown base height, and crown bulk density, as well as a layer describing the types of fuel found in the forest.

With all this data, it can be accurately calculated as where the fire will go next and then necessary steps to extinguish the fire can be taken.

We provide mapping, matching and modeling services for forest departments. Our mapping services are oriented towards the fact that the maps designed by us will come to rescue at a greater cause.

Work Process

Work Process
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