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GIS ensuring more Reliability and Data Accuracy in Land Survey Data Processing!


GIS for Land Surveying Data Conversion

GIS is one of the integral parts of a land survey, GIS data helps in understanding the features and characteristics of a terrain better. A land survey is needed whenever any project/ construction is about to happen on a piece of land. With the land survey, various information about the land like height, soil type, features around the land etc are revealed. Information obtained from a GIS land survey helps to design a better, smarter and futuristic construction.

GIS data for a land survey is obtained by using 3d mobile LiDAR, UAV/ Drone, and other GIS technologies. Whether it be requirements like mapping and modeling traffic or road information to determine population exposure or soil and groundwater investigations, our team can carry out and manage all the forms of different mapping and modeling.

We offer cost-effective quality services to government, semi-government, private organization and corporate sectors all over the world, with a high speed of accuracy.

Our Land Survey GIS Services Include:

  • Engineering surveys for future construction and expansion projects
  • Legal land surveys
  • Industrial land surveys
  • Piping surveys
  • Structural land surveys
  • Data storage and management
  • Constraints mapping
  • Visual impact assessment
  • Applications development
  • Aerial mapping and LiDAR data acquisition
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Our continuous precision of significant resources and expertise ensures accurate, responsive, and cost-effective delivery of spatial information. Polosoft has gained a reputation as a trusted advisor in providing insightful data and solutions in the delivery of projects to both public and private sector clients.

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Work Process

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