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GIS in Urban and Regional Planning for Visualization, Modeling, Analysis, and Collaboration.


GIS for Urban Planning & Management Service

Smart cities depends a lot on the design it has build upon. To develop as a modern city and to flourish for a long time, city planning and management should be done properly.

Urban planners are empowered with the data presented by GIS technology and are using GIS maps to understand and improve the urban growth and its direction of expansion for further urban development.

GIS Uses in Urban Planning

Data Inventory

Remote sensing images are becoming an important source of spatial information for urban areas and can be used to derive 3D modelling buildings for dynamic visualization of a city.

Analysis of Existing Situations

GIS technology help to store, manipulate, and analyse physical, social, and economic data of a city. Planners can then use this data for GIS mapping to analyse the existing situation in the city.

Modelling and Projection

GIS can be used for prediction and projection of spatial modelling to estimate the widest range of populations, economic, and environmental change.

Development of Planning Options

GIS can help to formulate and develop planning options which try to maximize or minimize some objective functions.

Selection of Planning Options

Use of GIS with multi-criteria decision analysis can provide the technical inputs in the selection of planning options.

Implementation Process

GIS is used in the implementation of urban plans by carrying out environmental impact assessment of proposed projects to evaluate and minimize the impact of urban development.

Plan Evaluation, Monitoring, and Feedback

GIS can help to monitoring and programming of land development, when used together with remote sensing. GIS can also be used to evaluate the impact of further development to see whether adjustments of the plan is necessary or not.

This challenge has made geographic information science and technology (GIST) invaluable to urban planners. Our professionals team uses imagery survey data for GIS mapping, 3d modelling and conversions which leads to a better Urban planning. Get in touch with us at

Work Process

Work Process

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