LiDAR for Utilities

LiDAR application for efficient, sustainable, and self-sufficient utility industry operation.

LiDAR for Utilities Mapping Services

LiDAR is the best technology available today for planning and maintaining the public sector and utility industries. Additionally, the utility's engineering, construction, encroachments, and line maintenance departments all benefit from the use of LiDAR and imagery.

We provide data processing services such as mapping, matching, and modeling for roads, highways, and railways corridor projects using the field survey data collected by mobile LiDAR, DGPS & UAV, or Drones. Additionally, we handle data processing for irrigation and dams, industrial areas, power plants, transmission, smart cities, railways, ports, and airports.

UAV with Telecom LiDAR

Our Service Includes

Digital asset and signage management

Vegetation encroachment monitoring

Development of a digital elevation model

Transmission vegetation survey and management

Effective integration to complete asset evaluations

Corridor modeling, design, and maintenance

We create 3D modeling, design, and visualization based on the demands of your business using LiDAR data. Utility businesses frequently need land classification, thus we offer services that adhere to international standards. We categorize objects found in the LiDAR data, including towers, electricity lines, buildings, and vegetation. Due to their effectiveness and affordability, our LiDAR solutions are widely used in the utility sector.

Benefits of LiDAR in the Utilities Industry

LiDAR technology offers numerous benefits to the utility industry, revolutionizing the way infrastructure is mapped, managed, and maintained.

A thorough and quick inspection of the wires and overhead lines.

All of the available poles, transformers, connectors, etc.

Mapping the infrastructure for dams, power plants, etc. as it was built.

Identification of barriers with accuracy and speed

Where the intruding overhead wires, light poles, road signs, etc. are located

With a thorough understanding of and difficulties that the utility sector faces, Polosoft Technologies has tailored its LiDAR services to meet those demands. Our team of skilled experts makes sure that the LiDAR data is processed, examined, and given in a fast and precise manner, giving utilities the knowledge they require to improve their performance and service delivery.

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LiDAR provides utilities with accurate and detailed data, allowing them to precisely map and locate utility lines, assess infrastructure conditions, detect encroachments, plan for upgrades, and optimize maintenance activities. It enhances efficiency, reduces operational costs, improves asset management, and enhances safety in utility operations.
LiDAR helps in utility mapping by capturing detailed 3D data of the terrain and infrastructure, including power lines, pipelines, and communication cables. This data aids in accurately locating and mapping utility assets, identifying potential issues, and planning for maintenance and future expansions.
While LiDAR is primarily used for above-ground mapping, it can indirectly assist in underground utility detection by providing precise topographic data. By combining LiDAR data with other technologies, utilities can enhance their ability to locate and map underground utilities.
LiDAR data is typically integrated with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to create comprehensive and interactive maps of utility infrastructure. This integration allows utilities to visualize and analyze the LiDAR data within the context of their existing GIS data, enabling efficient decision-making and resource allocation.
LiDAR enables utilities to inspect and monitor their infrastructure by capturing detailed 3D data, identifying structural deformations, assessing vegetation encroachments, and detecting potential hazards. This information helps utilities plan for maintenance, prioritize repairs, and ensure the reliability and resilience of their networks.

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Work Process

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