LiDAR for Utilities

Application of LiDAR for Efficient, Sustainable, and Self-Sufficient Operation in Utility Industry.

LiDAR for Utilities Survey in Power, Water and Telecom Industry

In modern days, LiDAR is ideal for a future-proof technology which helps with planning and maintaining the utility industry and public sector. In addition, use of LiDAR and imagery that benefit multiple groups within the utility, including engineering, construction, encroachments and line maintenance.

With the field survey data by mobile LiDAR, DGPS & Uav or Drones, we offer data processing services including mapping, matching and modeling for roads, highways, and railways corridor projects. Also, we process data for irrigation & dam, industrial area, power plants, transmission, smart cities, railways, ports, and airports.

UAV with Telecom LiDAR

We use LiDAR data to build 3d modeling, design, and visualization as per your business needs. Utility industries require land classification often, so we provide classification services meeting international standards. We classify features identified in the LiDAR data, such as towers, power lines, houses, and vegetation. Our LiDAR services are widely accepted solutions for utility industries due to its efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Benefits of LiDAR in the Utilities Industry:

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Work Process

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