Quality Assurance And Testing Services

Build a strong foundation for your organisation by leveraging effective and customer-centric Quality Assurance.

Best Quality Assurance & Testing Service Management

Polosoft technologies focus on customer experience by offering the best quality assurance and management services across the globe.

Functional Testing

Years of quality assurance management

Your business can rely on quality assurance, quality control, testing and reliable solutions.

Software Performance Testing

Internal standard quality management

A good standards-compliant procedure, directives, and documentation that have been established

Platform Compatibility Testing

Agility and Automation

Perfect agile delivery, from a UX audit to a performance assessment and compliance checks.

Services for Quality Assurance and Testing Management

At Polosoft, quality assurance and quality control both are crucial for managing the quality of a website or application development process.

Manual testing

Polosoft examines the system's performance using manual testing services. Bugs are located by doing numerous quality tests and identifying solutions based on the particular industry.


  • Identify usability and user interface problems
  • Enable usable testing results for newly created platforms, software & etc.
  • Integrate human touch into testing to enhance user experience

Automated testing

At Polosoft, we perform a comprehensive range of testing, from designing test automation, choosing tools, and building and maintaining a test automation environment, to implementing automated test data preparation.


  • Carries out time-consuming and repetitive duties
  • Put an end to human error
  • Improve the effectiveness of the software testing process

Best Practices For Quality Assurance And Management

Polosoft creates a testing strategy before beginning any testing activity that includes:

  • Examining the details of the release plan and the programme specifications.
  • Establishing or obtaining programme acceptance standards.
  • Describing the methodology for test management, documentation, design, and execution (test prioritization, test record, test levels, reporting, etc.).
  • Defining the necessary testing modalities.
  • Choosing testing and defect management solutions, as well as deciding on the percentage of test automation.
  • Locating the necessary testing crew.

Best Inspection of Quality Assurance and Testing Solutions

With an established quality assurance practice, we help all types of industries to enhance performance, reduce costs of testing, and increase ROI.

Functional Testing

Functional Testing

With our unified process and functional testing, we ensure that the application is properly running.

Software performance testing

Software performance testing

Our software performance testing determines whether the application software is able to perform in terms of adaptivity and agility under a certain workload.

Performance compatibility testing

Performance compatibility testing

Our compatibility testing reduces maintenance charges, accelerates software development processes, and increases business value.

Responsive testing

Responsive testing

With our advanced responsive testing services, we eliminate all compatibility problems, develop compatibility testing strategies, assign resources for the testing stage, and examine the final project.

Quality Assurance and Testing Services for Different Devices

We provide complete quality assurance testing solutions for a variety of devices for a customer-centric approach.

  • Desktop

    Our engineers are involved in the design, testing, and analysis of software functionality as well as compatibility testing.

  • Web

    For various web apps, we offer QA testing to detect issues like bugs, traffic, integration, and compatibility.


    Our mobile testing solutions ensure you all your mobile applications are working perfectly.

Quality Assurance & Testing Approach on Automation Framework

We choose an automation framework for your business to achieve smarter automation that increases productivity and enhances digital quality.

Certified Expertise

Certified Expertise

We have qualified, certified QA software engineers who have enviable experience of advanced technologies and tools. We aim to deliver quality work that keeps you standing apart.

Automated Testing Processes

Automated Testing Processes

Our automated testing service is unique in that accelerates time and increases productivity in the market to help you release the product to customers efficiently.

Metrics Collection

Metrics Collection

Metrics collection while doing software testing, our data scientist collects all necessary data using different metrics to track the progress of testing, and reports on product quality.

Tools and Technologies Stack for QA and Testing Solutions

Polosoft believes in quality, and that’s why we use varieties of technologies and tools to deliver quality results based on our client projects and requirements.

Automation Tools

Java | TestNG | JS | Spring boot | Swift | Appium | Apache | SQL server | MongoDB | Elastic | JSON | Microsoft.NET | XSS | APEX | JMETER

Testing Solutions

Manual tools


QA and Testing Process for Successful Product Launch

Our QA and testing procedure guarantees that your customers will receive a product of the highest quality.

Industries We Strive To Make Better With Our Services

Our quality assurance and quality control services for every industry to comply with all contractual specifications, mandatory regulations, and quality standards.

Our Hiring Models

With our pioneering attitude of developers, engineers, we offer engaging hiring models to deliver the best in the industry.

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