Aerial LiDAR Data Processing

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Aerial LiDAR Data Processing Services

LiDAR data is an accurate and effective method for creating three-dimensional topographical aerial maps and highly accurate aerial surveys. Aerial LiDAR mapping can be really helpful while mapping a large area. To get an aerial LiDAR data, an airborne sensor device is mounted on an aircraft which then collects data in a wider range of terrain. Polosoft is specialized in the delivery of high resolution LiDAR mapping services across the globe. Our LiDAR mapping process provides you with the most up-to-date and accurate models in the most efficient manner possible.

LiDAR is the go-to tool when you have areas of dense vegetation or above ground obstructions and you need heavy detail of the current conditions.

Our Aerial LiDAR Data Services Includes:

  • Aerial flight line matching
  • 2D/3D modeling and feature extraction
  • Hydro analysis and hydro flattening processes
  • Power line classification and vectorization
  • Contour generation
  • Generation of DTM, DSM and Intensity images
  • Point cloud classification for features like vegetation, building etc


  • DEM, DTM, DSM can be extracted with the knowledge of bare earth points
  • High resolution maps can be obtained

3d Modelling

  • The model is given x, y, z coordinates
  • Can also be seen as giving depth to a model
  • This also enables better visualization of object or terrain.


  • With contour generation, elevation of a terrain is better understandable.
  • A terrain is represented with contour lines of equal elevated places.

Point cloud classification

  • With point cloud classification, a terrain can be classified with the point cloud data.
  • Man-made features on a terrain along with vegetation can be removed to see the digital terrain model
  • Advanced classification on the terrain is used to classify bare earth and above ground features like vegetation, building, bridges etc


  • Most of the time, due to system error the collected data is somewhat distorted.
  • It is of vital necessity to get rid of this error data.
  • Processing of various strips of a terrain is done to match different strips and produce a single strip of point cloud

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