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Aerial LiDAR data and produce high-quality point clouds.

Aerial LiDAR Data Processing Services

LiDAR data is an accurate and effective method for creating three-dimensional topographical aerial maps and highly accurate aerial surveys. Aerial LiDAR mapping can be really helpful while mapping a large area. To get an aerial LiDAR data, an airborne sensor device is mounted on an aircraft which then collects data in a wider range of terrain. Polosoft is specialized in the delivery of high resolution LiDAR mapping services across the globe. Our LiDAR mapping services provides you with the most up-to-date and accurate models in the most efficient manner possible.

LiDAR is the go-to tool when you have areas of dense vegetation or above ground obstructions and you need heavy detail of the current conditions.

Three Dimensional Topographical Map

Our Aerial LiDAR Data Services Includes

Aerial flight line matching

Aerial Flight Line Matching

LiDAR Data Attributes

LiDAR Data Attributes

2D/3D modeling and feature extraction

2D/3D Feature Extraction

Contour generation

Contour Generation

 Hydro analysis and hydro flattening processes

Hydro Analysis and Hydro Flattening processes

Power line classification and vectorization

Power Line Classification and Vectorization

Generation of DTM, DSM and Intensity images

Generation of DTM, DSM and Intensity Images

Point cloud classification for features like vegetation, building etc

Point Cloud Classification for Features Extraction

Aerial LiDAR Data Processing Industries

Polosoft offers Aerial LiDAR Data Processing services to develop high-level productivity.



  • DEM, DTM, DSM can be extracted with the knowledge of bare earth points
  • High resolution maps can be obtained
3d Modelling

3d Modelling

  • The model is given x, y, z coordinates
  • This also enables better visualization of object or terrain.


  • Elevation of a terrain is better understandable.
  • A terrain is represented with contour lines of equal elevated places.
Point cloud classification

Point cloud classification

  • Advanced classification on the terrain is used to classify bare earth and above ground features like vegetation, building, bridges etc


  • Processing of various strips of a terrain is done to match different strips and produce a single strip of point cloud

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Aerial LiDAR Data Processing Services has revolutionised the LiDAR data processing services. Polosoft Technologies as a LiDAR company provides tailored LiDAR services to clients all around the world.

We have touched all possible horizons and served industries all around the globe providing Flood mapping, forestry mapping, Highway and road surveys, Land risk assessments, etc.

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The phrase Aerial LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is defined as an aerial mapping technology that uses calibrated laser returning from the earth's surface to be reflected back onto an overflying GPS-monitored aircraft equipped with on-board positional and IMU sensors. This helps in detection and mapping of the earth’s surface.
The scanning laser which sends laser to the distance, object or the area to be mapped is mounted in an aircraft, usually a fixed-wing plane, but increasingly in drones and scans the ground along the flight path or direction.
The data collected from Aerial LiDAR is freely distributed and most often has a density between 0.8 – 3 pulses / m2 which is termed as pulse density. Pulse density is defined as the number of emitted pulses per square meter.
Polosoft Technologies provide tailored and business grade LiDAR drafting services which includes Aerial LiDAR and much more.
The most common format for LiDAR data is a compressed LAS/LAZ format. The LAS format is a standard for storing LiDAR data, and the LAZ format is a compressed version of the LAS format.
The Aerial LiDAR sensor sends out laser pulses and receives them back in nanoseconds, making it easy and convenient to scan large areas in a fairly short period of time and still get a high volume of data.
At Polosoft we believe LiDAR data processing services to be a technology of tomorrow and we have been delivering the same for years in the USA and around the globe.

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