GIS for Supply Chain Management

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GIS Mapping for Supply Chain Management

GIS is a superb technology to apply for supply chain management. Supply Chain Management(SCM) is the process of proper planning for materials management, information and financial flow in a network consisting of manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and customers. It helps to reduce the costs, increasing the business and improving the customer service.

GIS application is used as a tool to map manufacturing products, processing units, supplier locations, distribution centers, and routing of vehicles etc. Improving supply chains for better flow of logistics becomes a challenging part of a trade. With GIS technology, hundreds of constraints for a geographically distributed supply chain can be collected and analyzed; better contingency plans can be developed; forecast and balance of supply and demand; and risk management can be done.

By managing both processes and resources, supply chain management (SCM) professionals can integrate GIS information, to find:

  • Potential impact of product location
  • Transportation delays at distribution hubs
  • Geopolitical turmoil on transit routes
  • Availability and arrival time of materials
  • Projected requirements of customers.
GIS Mapping for Supply Chain Management

GIS can be of vital use for supply chain management professionals as it manages massive amounts of location-based data to produce information that helps taking better decisions. Often used in such diverse areas as utilities planning, construction, government services, and retail location planning, GIS is a superb technology to apply to supply chain challenges. Contact us at email.

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