Uber App Clone Scripts for Android, Uber Taxi App Script for iOS

Taxi/ Cab App Clone Scripts for Android Devices

With UCAB - uber clone app script makes taxi booking business possible in many ways.

UCAB - Uber App Clone Scripts for Android

Uber Clone Script makes taxi booking business possible in many ways. A pre-built software solution for your business, Uber Clone Script gives you collective boon bonuses including faster deployment, effective cost, and marketing performance.

What is Uber Clone Script

With the rise in the transporting business, the taxi booking industry benefited a lot. There are many players in the industry with their hands on different mobile application platform. With tough competition from settled business entities like Uber, Ola, Lyft, etc it is vital to hit the industry hard to make an impact. With our Uber Clone Script, you get the application platform ready-made, to begin with, your business venture. Flip the logo, toss your custom color and you’re ready to begin taking a booking from the users.

User Interface Screen Images of UCAB

Features That Will Make Your Booking Software Amazing

Language Support

With it’s multilingual support feature your audience location doesn’t effect the working of application anymore. The application is ready to handle American, German or Japanese customers all the same.


If your business grows from one city to more, the application is ready to get along with pre-installed multiple city feature.

Appstore/ Playstore Supported

Our code is written in accordance with the guidelines of both the Appstore and the Playstore. You can hit publish as soon as you’re done with customization of the application.

Fare Estimation

A custom script is written to take basic fare value given by the admin to estimate the ride fare calculating various factors like time, distance, special occasion, ride availability etc.

History Availability

History of both successful and failed rides are well kept for riders and drivers.

Fast Sign-in

A device is set to be remembered for fast login from users while maintaining the security uncompromised.

Easy Sign-up

Sign-ups are made flexible with various social media registration options.

Email Templates

Readymade customized email templates to support maintaining a smooth booking environment for users

Faster Cab Search

Customers can book the nearest taxi available for booking in real-time.

Cab Availability

Admin has the controls to add, remove taxi as per the availability. The changes will reflect on the customers in real-time.


The platform is integrated with major wallets and also is ready to add any other wallet customization.

Emergency Contact

Users can add emergency contact in their profile to send quick call with location in case of any emergency

How To Earn Revenue Using This Product?

There are endless earning possibilities with this Uber Clone Android Application.

Commission Fees

The taxi booking industry is simply known as a consistent money-spinning business. On the successful completion of every taxi ride, you can gain your desired percentage of the total taxi fare amount.

Why Opt For An Uber Clone Script?

The arrival of an Uber-like business concept has caused a sweeping transformation in the transport industry. Competing with rivals and then tasting success in this flourishing business concept is hard-hitting. With the introduction of the Uber clone script, entrepreneurs can promptly develop their cab booking app with all necessary amenities from a taxi service in minutes.

Why Did We Develop This Uber Clone Script?

Major players like Uber, Ola, Lyft, and Haxi have reached the heights in the online taxi booking app business with the help of this comprehensive Android and iPhone devices. The Uber clone script - UCAB from Polosoft is specially developed in such a way that every entrepreneur will find it easy to install the cab booking app and deal with it effortlessly.

Success Trends Of Taxi Industry

The current app trend helped in a strategic breakthrough in the taxi industry. It appears that this everlasting online taxi booking app business will flourish in the global market. This widely spreading big business is becoming more and more prolific among the young generation.

Features Beyond Its Original

The on-demand cab service business can be easily operated within a few clicks, using our taxi booking software. Taxi Pickr is the readily available clone application for Uber app with exciting features compatible with all the existing taxi booking businesses.

Used technologies and server requirements

This taxi booking script is developed to perfection, we have utilized the finest technologies to get an outstanding outcome for our uber clone.

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