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Hybrid App Development Company

There’s a wave of major trends reshaping the cross-platform application development realm and the most prominent being the use of mobile app development frameworks. Cross-platform mobile apps are usually created using a common programming language, instead of a mobile device’s native operating system.

Hybrid mobile app development frameworks allow developers to access device’s native controls and native OS functionalities using a common programming language. This facilitates developers to write one code that can run on multiple mobile devices.

It provides a proxy to native device OS features through a set of libraries created using native programming languages. iOS app development services use Swift and Objective-C programming language whereas Android app development services use Java and Kotlin.

Hybrid app development services

Hybrid Application Design

We design prototypes and wireframes on the basis of user journeys and persona mapping. We interview a lot of users similar to the target audience to come up with visually pleasing user-centric designs that are highly engaging and attract downloads.

Hybrid App Development

Using a blend of technologies and frameworks such as Supersonic, Ionic, React, Appcelerator, Sencha, Phonegap and many others, we ensure that applications work seamlessly on a variety of platforms and systems including Android and iOS

Hybrid Application Testing

We test hybrid applications immensely and conduct timely code reviews, create performance testing plans, debug issues, check the performance of your applications and tune them for optimal results. Our QA lab is equipped with various devices and tools that save time and costs both.

Hybrid App Maintenance

We monitor your applications to ensure optimized performance during peak load times. With effective monitoring, we reduce the application downtime and maximize availability to end users. Our maintenance model helps to focus on core business objectives without regular management of the application

Our services

Unique Mobile App Design

Unique Mobile App Design

We design mobile apps that are quite enticing and easy to navigate. All our mobile app developers are keen to design user-friendly mobile applications for your indeed purposes.

Full- transparency

Full- transparency

We want to create trust with our clients and provide all insight details to keep you updated in all circumstances. We ensure to give clarity in case of any faults and defects.



We carry all mobile app necessities for your progressive business and empathize with your users. Implementing business goals and opportunities should be a high priority.

24/7 Maintenance & Support

24/7 Maintenance & Support

We are known to provide application maintenance and support to enhance the optimal performance of the apps. Our experts will get in touch with you even after the launch of the apps.

Use of Cross-Platform in Hybrid App Development

Our cross-platform Hybrid Mobile app development is molded for multiple mobile platform functionality, is similarly smooth and convenient to that of any pure native mobile application. Hybrid mobile app development entails creation of mobile apps that are compatible with different OS (operating systems) capable of running smoothly on any platform the user prefers.

Polosoft Technologies being a pinnacle Hybrid App Development company understands the need and importance of cross-platform application for both a business and from a technical perspective.

Hybrid App Development Process at Polosoft

Polosoft offers a wide range of top-notch specialized hybrid app development solutions of Code Creators are high-performing, robust, and feature-enriched.

Hands-On Hybrid Mobile App Development Framework

We use popular framework for hybrid mobile app development

React Native

React Native





Onsen UI

Onsen UI

Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI

Framework 7

Framework 7

Hybrid Mobile App Development Features

Polosoft delivers graceful hybrid app features by which our developers build applications with amazing features.

One code Platform

This is an independent platform, Hybrid apps are tested for once and can deploy over multiple platforms.

Divergent Plug-ins

Get access to many software and hardware features through unalike plug-ins.

Cost-Effective Development

All apps developing on hybrid frameworks are quite savvy as it requires low development cost.

Fast Development

Hybrid ensures robust and impactful apps for every industry with easy execution and fast development.

Offline Capabilities

Hybrid apps support SQLite database for local storage and offline capabilities.

Dynamic Improves

Hybrid apps are SEO friendly tools and well-embedded browsers to improve access to dynamic online content.

Benefits of Hybrid Application Development

At Polosoft, we deliver cost-effective and faster hybrid applications that run on Android and iOS or Windows. Here are lists of advantages you get from developing Hybrid applications from us

Cross-Platform Adaptability

Hybrid apps offer trouble-free and smooth performance on both android and iOS platforms.

Native Functionality

Our hybrid apps provide you with all that native apps can offer you.


We ensure to cover android, iOS devices, and wearables – all at once.

High-Speed Development

With hybrid apps, the overall process of development, deployment, and maintenance become easier, cheaper, and faster.

Ideal Timing

It also offers you the flexibility to release the new app features on all the platforms simultaneously.

Cost Efficiency

Use of open sources provides cost-efficient solutions along with the core code.

Hybrid App Solutions Industries

Polosoft offers end-to-end hybrid app development services to develop high-level productivity.

Hire experience Hybrid App Developers at Polosoft

Easy Hiring Mobile App Development Services

Our team of experts delivers successful projects and helps in developing user-friendly mobile apps that run on multi-platforms.

Hourly basis

We build hybrid apps that make sure low maintenance and custom source-code data are secured to the utmost level with satisfaction. Discuss with us to build the next app development for your business. Email us .

Polosoft is working on the latest technology starting from legacy mainframes to cutting-edge technologies as the fastest-growing enterprise mobile app development company across various domains including Healthcare, Banking, Education, Logistics, etc. Our Native apps are developed to target one specific platform like Android or iOS, and Hybrid apps are developed to target multiple platforms. Let's connect with us on your project requirement.

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