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Terrestrial LiDAR Data Processing Services

When a high degree of accuracy is the need of a project, terrestrial LiDAR is oftentimes the best choice. Now, terrestrial laser scanning is frequently used in earth sciences studies to achieve greater precision and completeness in surveying natural environments.

Polosoft, terrestrial service provides 3D modeling, digital data conversion to government as well as private sector. Our terrestrial mapping service includes: 2d plan extraction, sculpture model, as built 3D model, and 3D models from 2d drawings. We deliver the highest quality LiDAR data and GIS solutions, offering on-time project delivery with highest accuracy.

We have a team of experienced professionals who provide services like filtered data and complete schematic drawings and 3D models for a variety of high-definition surveying applications for civil, mechanical, electrical, architectural, and archaeological surveys.

Terrestrial 3d Modelling

3d Modelling

In 3D modelling, a structure is made with x, y, and z coordinates to give a depth to the image. This also enables better visualisation of object or terrain.

Terrestrial Point cloud classification

Point cloud classification

With point cloud classification, a terrain can be classified with the point cloud data. All the features of a terrain can be classified from the solid earth.

Terrestrial Matching


We process the various collected point clouds to get the correct data with our LiDAR data matching service where we match the distorted point clouds.

Terrestrial LiDAR Data Processing Industries

Polosoft offers Terrestrial LiDAR Data Processing services to develop high-level productivity.

Not crowing but Polosoft Technologies has been a dominant LiDAR company for years. With LiDAR services as Terrestrial, Aerial LiDAR Data processing services, Mobile LiDAR data processing services, Drone LiDAR data processing services.

We have touched all possible horizons and served industries all around the globe providing Flood mapping, forestry mapping, Highway and road surveys, Land risk assessments, etc.

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Terrestrial LiDAR (light detection and ranging) referred as Terrestrial laser scanning (TLS), also referred to as or topographic LiDAR, acquires the required XYZ coordinates of numerous points on land by emitting laser pulses toward these points and measuring the distance from the device to the target.
Terrestrial laser acquires the required XYZ coordinates of numerous points on land by emitting laser pulses toward these points and measuring the distance between from the device to the target, scanning in several directions with the use of mirrors instead of capturing data all around. It is used to develop point cloud classification for mining, archaeology, etc.
Polosoft offers complete management powers in the hands of the client, you can supervise and handle the project personally. But if you feel overwhelmed, a professional project manager will perform your tasks.
Our quality assurance policies are tailored for complete transparency making sure you are always aware about your project and assured about its growth and perfection.
Outsourcing Polosoft Technologies have its perks:
  • Cost advantage with quality assurance
  • Well defined structure.
  • We are certified for data conversion and GIS services.
  • Perfect communication services.
  • Fast access to information.
Polosoft has been providing LiDAR data processing services and LiDAR drafting services in the USA and all around the globe for years.

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