GIS for Utility

Implementing GIS Technology in Power, Telecom, Water and Wastewater Industry.

GIS Mapping Services for Utilities

The use of GIS application in the utility sector is one of the basic needs of modern infrastructure management. GIS services used in different utility sectors like Water, Sewage, Power lines, Telecommunication, and Gas. The geographic data provides spatial dimensions to its management so that components of utility could be functional without any breakdown.

The primary goal of any utility is to plan and manage the use of facilities to deliver a commodity such as water, natural gas, and electricity to its customers. A data conversion project at a utility consists of at least three phases:

  • Identifying existing data sources and converting them to digital formats
  • Defining a data model which fits both geographical and business process needs
  • Designing screen displays, output maps, analysis functions, and reporting features that the GIS should produce.
GIS for Utilities

GIS useful in Utility Sector

GIS for Electricity Mapping

Electricity Mapping

Two technologies, GIS and remote sensing are very important in the electricity mapping project. Our service includes preparation of baseline data for the project area like indexing of the consumers, mapping through GIS and metering of distribution transformers and feeders. Mapping of all the electricity assets and the distribution of network over the entire assigned geography.

GIS for Water and wastewater utilities

Water and wastewater utilities

Integration of GIS layers for demand modeling, forecasting, source water vulnerability mapping and analysis, water loss tracking, analysis and management, water conservation management (main breaks, water violations, green infrastructure, incentive program tracking). Regional planning for water reuse, support of long-term supply and demand analysis, consumption mapping and analysis.

GIS for Telecommunications


One of the biggest advantages of GIS in the telecom industry is mapping and real-time spatial analysis for new market opportunities, and reveal ways to maximize operational performance. Location is fundamental to all telecommunication services in mobile for wireless or wired telecom networks. Polosoft offers a wide range of GIS services to generate high-resolution 3D building models for accurate planning of wireless network.

GIS for Gas and Pipelines

Gas and Pipelines

GIS maps and spatial analysis give natural gas utilities the power to make data-driven decisions. Use of most current data to ensure that infrastructure is in the right place, safe and in compliance. Through GIS mapping clearly see the condition of assets and demand to keep gas flowing efficiently.

The use of GIS techniques is ideal in terms of various aspects, representing infrastructure of utilities, problem identification with providing a solution, in maintenance, technical problems, designing efficient meter reading. GIS maps are important in the management of underground utilities. To know more about the service, get in touch with us at email.

Work Process

Work Process

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