Mobile LiDAR Data Processing

Capture comprehensive high resolution 3D topographic data at normal speed with Mobile LiDAR Data Processing


Mobile LiDAR Data Processing Services

Mobile LiDAR Service is an advanced mapping solution that incorporates to collect survey grade 3D point cloud data quickly and accurately by using the most advanced LiDAR sensors, and cameras.

Mobile LiDAR mapping is the process of collecting geospatial data from a mobile vehicle, typically fitted on LiDAR remote sensing systems. It allows rapid collection of all visible assets from a moving vehicle driving at posted speeds. After post processing, further feature extraction of the 3d point cloud data. Mapping output in desired format like: ‘Autocad *.dwg’ or ‘ArcGIS *.shp’ files can be obtained.

Applications for Mobile Laser Scanning:

We use mobile LiDAR data processing services like: classification of ground and non ground, mobile flight line matching, 2D feature extraction, 3D corridor mapping, contour generation of DTM, DSM and intensity images.

LiDAR technology helps transport industry in multiple of areas which can be summarized into these 3 sections


With the modelling part mainly 3 types of modelling is performed, Digital terrain modeling (DTM), Digital Elevation Modeling(DEM), Digital Surface modeling (DSM).

2D feature extraction

With the LiDAR data obtained from Mobile LiDAR, a 2D map is build to showcase the different features on and near the path.

Point cloud classification

With point cloud classification, a terrain can be classified with the point cloud data. All the features of a terrain can be classified from the solid earth.

3D Corridor Mapping

With 3D Corridor mapping the corridor besides the path is mapped to showcase the different features on the path in a 3D model.


Most of the time, due to system error the collected data is somewhat distorted. It is of vital necessity to get rid of this error data. We process the various collected point clouds to get the correct data with our LiDAR data matching service where we match the distorted point clouds.

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