GIS for Health and Human Services

Analyzing Spatial Data to Manage Health Programs with GIS Technology.

GIS for Health and Human Services

Health services are one of the most important services in our society, development in health industry is one of the task the whole human race needs and depends upon.

GIS has integrated spatial study a part of health industry these days, with survey data, number of casualties in a spatial region can be identified and worked upon. In case of a spreading infection, GIS data can be used to track the start of the spread, area infected, area where precautions are need to be taken in future etc.

In case of an emergency GIS data can be used to make a better decision considering the best route with least risk.

GIS Uses in Urban Planning

Way of GIS is Working in Health Organization

GIS is Working in Health Organization
  • Track infectious diseases and identify gaps in child immunizations
  • Document healthcare and conduct market studies needs of a community
  • Manage materials, supplies, human resources, and logistics
  • Maintain locational inventories of healthcare facilities, providers, and vendors
  • Route health care workers, equipment, and supplies to service locations
  • Publish health care information using maps on the Internet
  • Manage patient care environments and clinical resources
  • Distribute clinical data in a visual and geographic form
  • Find the nearest health care facility

Clusters of certain illness and diseases with GIS maps are easily identified and worked upon as information is presented visually on a map and can yield far more intelligence to health professionals than plain lists of data.

The Use of GIS Application in Healthcare Industry

GIS Application in Healthcare Industry
  • isualizing Vulnerable Populations
  • Enabling Disease Surveillance
  • Identifying Community Resources
  • Connecting Community Stakeholders
  • Emergency response
  • Program Evaluation
  • Data Management
  • Epidemiology Research
  • Case Management
  • Outreach and Promotion
  • Administrative Systems using GIS

GIS provides an excellent visualising and analysing survey data from different sources. GIS serves as a computer based tool for the convergence of multi-disease surveillance activities, that organizes and displays data.

GIS helps show the intensity of a disease on a map in gradient, which can help determine which area is more affected by a disease, GIS can also determine the best suitable area for a new health care facility.

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