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Polosoft’s experienced Node.JS developers create mobile applications that will work seamlessly across all the major mobile device platforms. It’s a platform that continues to grow and evolve and is a popular open-source, server-side JavaScript runtime project. Node.JS enables the power to build faster and scalable real-time applications while strengthening the database with asynchronous and speedy NodeJS development. Our services include both front-end and back-end development and a dedicated Node.JS developer will be assigned only for your project working with you. You’ll get rich, highly scalable and non-buffering applications in real-time.

As one of the leading Node.JS Development companies, Polosoft is the one-stop solution for building rich, scalable, high-performance web & mobile applications. We are always prepared to create apps that can rule the internet with our abreast knowledge and advanced skill-set about expert eCommerce solutions, advanced Node.JS programming, social-networking & collaboration application.

NodeJS Benefits

Our Node.JS Development Services

Realtime Web Applications

Utilizing the Node’s WebSocket, a bidirectional communication protocol, we develop effective real-time apps such as messenger apps, project management tools, collaboration applications, and audio-video conferencing apps.

IO Bound Application Development

We offer support to multiple numbers of users. We also do the integration of the Reactive Native framework with the Node.JS platform that has I/O architecture and concurrency features. Get real-time, interactive, cross-platform, responsive, and attractive native mobile apps development.

API Development & Integration

We provide dynamic end-to-end REST APIs. Using API-based components in development is a great way of maintaining scalability & productivity. Node.JS is designed to build scalable network applications and while a multitude of platforms can be used to build a REST API, Node.JS is a wise choice.

Node.JS Version Migration

We provide comprehensive support for a smooth version migration. Code dependencies to natives that are critical to the business are a core reason why some business owners delay upgrading Node. The new N-API makes the migration easy & effortless. Node.JS continues to evolve into a solid, flexible, and diverse platform to deliver reliable and scalable code.

Node.JS CMS Development

Cut out on the development time by powerful APIs. Node.JS frameworks have been leading the way to a consistent digital content platform. Due to being a solid backend language, Node.JS builds some great and useful CMS platforms. Save development time considerably with our easy setup.

Product Support & Maintenance

We provide support for your digital service or web application. We work in an agile methodology with our clients. We work with you to understand the business needs and your targeted customers, providing ongoing support and maintenance of the Node.JS product.

Benefits of Opting For Node.JS For Your Business

Node.JS holds the prime position in the client-side programming language. It is widely used for developing real-time applications, video-streaming websites, single-page apps, and varied web applications. Equipped with modern tools, it allows developers to build complex web applications with numerous features, functionality, and modules.

Speed & Scalability

Your website hosting prerequisites is dealt with by Shopify and it also maintains and updates the software which is up and running even when unexpected volumes of traffic visit your website.

Single Programming Language

It enables programmers with the ability to write code for the server-side applications using JavaScript. Both the frontend and backend of the web applications in Javascript can be built by the developers using a runtime environment. They do not need to use other server-side programming languages.

Suitable For Android Devices

Multiple APIs that are best suited for backend development might be a bonus for Android devices and applications. The dynamic NPM and straightforward code make this a far better option for Android devices. It also improves app reaction time, development time, and productivity to enable business with a competitive edge.

Non-Blocking I/O Paradigm

Non-blocking forms are executed faster without blocking, intimating when new data is out there. The nonsynchronous versions in NodeJS are non-blocking and permit the loop to continue. Since the NodeJS is presenting the advantage of non-blocking I/O frameworks, it relatively supports you to process several requests simultaneously.

Community Support

The community support for Node.JS is large. There are developers who continuously contribute to the further improvement and development of this technology. It is ready to use code and the majority of the mobile market supports it. It provides simple solutions for your complex business problems.

Cross-Platform Development

The bulk of Node developer tools are cross-platform, which suggests that the developers don’t need a Mac to write down, debug, or build a macOS app or a Windows machine for a windows app. Platforms like Electron or NW.js allow you to build cross-platform desktop apps with Node.JS.

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