LiDAR Services for Environmental Monitoring, DEM Analysis

LiDAR for Environment

Using LiDAR for Environment means Saving Animal, Human, and Forest life.

LiDAR for Environmental Monitoring

LiDAR has been a revolution in the environmental management sector. Agencies who were in charge of measuring the environment or disaster management are now switching to LiDAR technology to build maps which prove to be great assets in a time of necessity.

Here are a few essential areas where LiDAR technology helps:

Forest Fire Control: A forest is mapped with Lidar technology with the location of different vegetation, rocks, water bodies etc. In case of a fire breakout, it is much easier to plan a fast and cost-effective solution.

Agriculture industry: LiDAR for Environment With the elevation data from DEM obtained from LiDAR survey, it is easy to get knowledge of high crop yielding fields. A DEM shows the slopes facing sunlight, fields having an adequate amount of water etc. This data can be taken to calculate, how much of crop of a specific type can be expected from a field.

Flood Management: Digital Elevation Modelling(DEM) for a particular terrain can give the elevation of different places inside the terrain. This elevation model becomes of vital need in case of a flood situation, as it makes it easy to predict exact places where a flood can make any damage in a situation of a flood, hence decreasing the devastation.

Coastline Management: LiDAR data of the coastline surface and under the water surface can be combined with researches to analyze the behavior and area of the wave covered by them. If these data are captured periodically then the marine scientist can understand the coastline erosion occurrence.

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