CAD Shipbuilding

Using CAD in Shipbuilding - Ease of Design, Speed of Construction, Use and Reuse of Information.


CAD for Shipbuiding and Vessel Construction Mapping

The use of CAD in the shipbuilding industry has produced valuable information on how productivity and efficiency could be enhanced by 3D model technologies.

The shipbuilding industry has changed widely throughout history. CAD System offers a comprehensive process for the design and construction of ships, offshore platforms, and submarines with the help of 3d modeling. There are many advantages of using CAD in shipbuilding:

Polosoft CAD systems expanded the application range, covering all project stages to complete 3D modeling and conversion. We focus on hull structure, outfitting form definition, naval architecture calculations, and structural design. CAD-integrated shipbuilding tools use modular organization, subdividing normally into five major groups:

In general, CAD systems provide tangible benefits while the process is optimized, reducing design time and production, and therefore costs. Contact us at

Work Process

Work Process

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