CAD for Automotive

CAD in Automotive Delivers Innovative Designs and Visualization.


CAD for Automotive Industry

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is an effective software tool for designing and modeling products in the automotive industry. The software has helped industry with ease and precision to revolutionize their work processes and to improve their product designs for business growth.

Uses of CAD for the automotive industry include the process of creating, analyzing, modifying, optimizing and drafting product data, so as to achieve its design goal efficiently and effectively. We take input data for use of graphics product design, product model and drives the peripherals for product presentation.

CAD is extensively applied in automotive engineering processes and 3D designs. It offers a widespread working field for geometry creation as well as for the linkage of numerous simulation procedures, customer demands, and legislation tasks.

CAD designing and modeling are broadly segmented to passenger vehicle industry and commercial vehicle industry. In the passenger vehicle industry, it is further segmented to two/three wheeler and four wheelers. Whereas the commercial vehicle industry is segmented into truck, van, bus, and trailer. We used CAD to create, modify, analyze, and optimize product design, to drive innovation, slash costs and get incredible new products.

Challenges Faced by CAD:

The automotive industry is facing new and pressing challenges, globalization, individualization, digitization and increasing competition are changing the face of the industry. The two CAD-related challenges are:

Use of CAD Application in Automotive Industry:

CAD technology has been applied in various ways to automotive engineering works, it has boosted productivity and has made the markets faster. Polosoft helps in replication, translation, scaling, rotation, and transformation of graphical images. The generic functions of a CAD system in the automotive industry may include geometric modeling, engineering analysis, and automated drafting, as well as kinematics analysis.

CAD applications have brought tremendous innovation in automotive industries and increases performance of conventional designing processes. Implementation of CAD has helped to synchronized 2D and 3D designing ideas. It is extremely reliable for applications of designing and virtual visualization of auto-parts and auto-components.

Work Process

Work Process

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