Hadoop Development Services

Harness the best data management solutions with Hadoop to create comprehensive Big Data solutions.


Hadoop Development Services

Hadoop is a framework that stores and processes big data sets in a distributed computing environment. The Hadoop system handles both structured and unstructured data. With it, users can collect, process, analyze, and manage data better than other sources. Hadoop plays an important role, which provides a basement to the database.

Today Hadoop is becoming a necessary technology for computing resources that every business should leverage. Whether it is a small, medium, and big industry, everything depends on the task store, process, and big data analysis. From analyzing social network relationships, customer behavior, detecting fraud to search locations on mobile devices, Hadoop works everything for you.

Polosoft provides Hadoop development services to help companies fulfill the needs of data storing and processing. With a team of Hadoop developers, the company provides all aspects of Hadoop integration. From its design, development, and installation to optimization, Polosoft offers customized services as per business needs.

Hadoop Development Services

Polosoft provides Hadoop development services to deliver comprehensive solutions for Hadoop.

Hadoop Consulting Services

Our consultation services include deployment, installations, designing, platform development, and business case analysis.

Custom Hadoop Development Solutions

Our Custom Hadoop developers give ductile, strong, and secure Hadoop solutions. We help companies by reducing response in time, interpreting information, and increasing customer experience.

Data Mining & Aggregation

Our developers have enough skill to reduce data preparation time for data mining. They also provide a predictive analytics solution that allows you to assess data. We also cover the data aggregation services to analyze and use data to aggregate the particular purpose.

Hadoop Integration

Our Hadoop integration includes automation of digital marketing, detection, and prevention from fraud, location-based marketing for mobile devices. Integration with ERP, CRM, EDI, and developing security models are also our integration services

Hadoop Maintenance & Support Services

Our Hadoop maintenance and support gives your flexible operation services incorporate with functionalities and improves the performance

Hadoop Implementation

Our Hadoop developers have enviable skills that they implement in real-time Hadoop projects. System architecture design, deployment, the configuration of big data components are all implemented to enhance user experience.

Analytics and Data Visualization

Our Analytics and data visualization services work for big data. Combining it with external datasets and fast track it with data visualization. Performance modification, optimization, Hadoop cluster design, and analytics visualization are also part of analytics and visualization.

Tools & Technologies

Tools & Technologies

Polosoft uses top Hadoop Analytics tools to work with Big Data.

  • Cassandra
  • HBase
  • CouchDB
  • Hive
  • HCatalog
  • Ambari
  • Hadoop HDFS
  • Ruby
  • SQL
  • GIS
  • Spark

How Hadoop works in business

As more businesses start applying Hadoop and contributing to its development, this tool's efficiency can manage raw data efficiently and cost-effectively. Due to Hadoop's capability to store and process big data, its popularity has grown in the market.

Hadoop stores and processes the information in a dispersed way across the group of commodity hardware. To store and process any data, a client or a company submits the data and program to the Hadoop cluster. Hadoop HDFS stores the data, whereas MapReduce processes the data stored in HDFS, and YARN divides the tasks and assigns resources.

  • Analysis and discovery by Sandbox

    Analysis and Discovery

    Big Data analytics on Hadoop can effectively direct the business functionalities, expose new possibilities, and obtain competitiveness. The sandbox method offers openings for innovations with less expense.

  • Data Lake

    Data Lake

    Data lakes help store big data in original format to provide raw data, data analysts for analytics and innovation. It directs you to give a chance to ask a fresh question without constraints.

  • Compliment the data warehouse

    Compliment the data warehouse

    Offloading the particular information sets from the data warehouse into Hadoop, every business aims to have the right platform for storing and processing data of different plans, formats, etc.

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