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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is an application that performs various jobs involving cooperating, integrating, analyzing, and presenting business information. The major goal of Polosoft’s Business Intelligence service is to convert raw data into meaningful information that brings profitable business.

Business intelligence (BI) companies help every industry gain visibility into their business process and expedite their decision-making process with integrated analytics.

Polosoft is a BI service provider company that uses different data types to make your business even more informative and accessible. We aim to assist and deliver a satisfactory resolution to fulfill each business requirement and provide competitiveness.

Our Business Intelligence Services

At Polosoft, we aimed to provide pre-formatted reports that improve performance and business analytical tools to help you make better decisions.

BI Analytics

Business analytics collects data from various sources and converts business data into accurate business insights. We integrate advanced BI analytics and cloud-based reporting software and tools that collect data and prepare reports as understandable data to make even more sense.

Data Warehousing and Modelling

Data warehousing stores data in a data warehouse from various data sources, aggregated, organized, and managed to provide understandable data for analysis and queries. We help you provide a central warehouse to obtain information to act more quickly and improve performances.

Data Modeling

Data modeling systematizes and creates a visual description of your business by analyzing, understanding, and clarifying your data. With data modeling, you can participate directly in defining core business rules with lesser revisions at the time of implementation.

Custom Visualization

Custom data visualization provides you with a custom-tailored view of specific data. We help you create custom-made visuals to make you a quick decision-maker.

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)

We design custom ETL( Extract, Transform, and Load) solutions for all your BI and DI requirements.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics help companies to predict the operational changes to help reduce risk, improve operation, and increase revenue by taking dynamical measures based on analytics.


Dashboards give a wonderful opportunity to monitor your business, to get answers, and briefly view your necessary metrics. With a dashboard, you can manage your information in more attractive ways to monitor and analyze data with KPI( key performance indicators).

Cloud BI

Cloud Business Intelligence (BI) is used to provide organizations access to BI-related data such as dashboards, KPIs, and other business analytics. Improve performances and reduce cost by consenting cloud business intelligence solutions.

BI Architect

Our business intelligence developers make clear-cut data models as well as manage data warehouse and data resources to assemble data effectively.

Cloud BI Migration

Revalued your operations by providing faster and more flexible solutions for your customer experience. Deploying Cloud BI helps you optimize processes and make you a quick decision-maker to achieve new heights.

Self-Service BI

With Self-service BI tools, you can easily get data and present the information without doing manual work. Our self-service BI plugin enables you to access and analyze data without the necessities of background in BI or analysis.

Our Business Intelligence Process

  • Project Information for BI

    Once we get a proposal, our team accumulates all necessary project information from you and figures out project strategies, solutions, and BI for your company. After the consultation, we help to solve all contemporary challenges and improve your business performance by integrating BI tools and analytical technology.

  • Data Consolidation

    Once we get business objectives, our developers will gather and combine data from different sources into a data warehouse. This helps you access and manage various information from one data source.

  • Transforming, Cleaning and Data Preparation

    After data consolidation, our team prepares for data transformation, ad-hoc analysis, and modeling. We employ highly-flexible data processing to convert clear data into pertinent formats. This helps every business to analyze data, create ad-hoc SQL queries by using modern business intelligence tools.

  • Implementation

    Our development team employs consent and public blockchain on-premise so you can access the platform at the right time.

  • Data Exploration for In-depth Knowledge

    Data exploration with data mining techniques and business intelligence tools every short-term problem can be solved. Develop OLAP software that allows business users to find out information from multiple database systems simultaneously.

  • Visualization of Data and Reporting

    The Polosoft has enormous capability to create visualized BI dashboards, reports, and KPIs inside or outside your company. BI system does every task to help you minimize user interactions and save time. With BI data visualization, enterprises make better decisions

Tools Use For BI Development

  • Power BI
  • Tableau
  • Google Data Studio
  • QlikView
  • Amazon QuickSight

Technology Use For BI Development

  • TensorFlow
  • Python
  • Jupyter
  • Seaborn
  • PyTorch
  • Matplotlib
  • Pandas
  • Anaconda

Our Business Intelligence Services for Industry

Benefits of BI in Business

There are plenty of benefits of BI tools in your business. Some of them are as follows:

Quick reports, analysis, and plans

Better business decisions

Improve data quality

More accurate reporting, analysis, or planning

Improve customer satisfaction

Improve employee satisfaction

Increase operational efficiency

Competitive edge



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