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Polosoft Offers Best in Class AR & VR Development Services helps create a custom-tailored approach.


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The use of AR technology is to make apps for mobile or desktop to display score overlays, pop out 3D images, messages, and e-mails. Whereas, Virtual reality is used for various purposes, from 3D movies, video games, science, and training to education.

Polosoft AR/VR development company helps big, small, mid, and contemporary enterprises by delivering unprecedented levels of AR/VR solutions across all industries. The company aims to empower every business and build strong interaction between product and customer by developing AR and VR Apps. Now every Small and Medium Startup can become a customer-centric business by harnessing AR and VR Apps. Developers with a pioneering attitude build cognitive AR & VR web & mobile apps for exceptional user experience and business growth.

Augmented Reality Interaction

AR/VR Development Services

AR & VR Solutions

AR & VR Solutions

Polosoft uses cognitive tools and technologies to provide best in class, cost-effective AR & VR application development solutions. Dedicated developers make attractive apps that are customer-centric and ensure the company’s competitiveness in the market.

Educational Apps

Educational Apps

Our developers use all tools and technologies to produce highly-influential educational apps for e-learning. Polosoft helps you boost learning performances with precision.

3-D Graphics & Animations

3-D Graphics & Animations

With Polosofts skilled developers, create 3D graphics and animation projects to provide next-gen services to your customers. Our dedicated developers and designers spend hours and hours to get end-to-end details to design highly-effectual 3D graphics and animation projects.

Medical & Engineering Simulation Apps

Medical & Engineering Simulation Apps

Polosoft is the best AR and VR services provider, is well-known for creating simulation apps for medical and engineering learners. Our team of developers leverages extensive experiences to simulate highly-effectual Medical & Engineering apps.

Custom AR/VR Development

Custom AR/VR Development

We develop customized AR/ VR Apps with video transmission, image recognition, and 3D visualization for better next-gen services for customers.

Hardware-level Development

Hardware-level Development

We also provide hardware-level development services in which developers embed AR and VR in cameras, GPS, headset, glasses, tablets, or a wearable like a smartwatch.

Location-based AR and VR Development Services

Location-based AR and VR Development Services

Polosoft renders location-based AR and VR development services to deliver unprecedented levels of performance and customer delight.

Visualization Solutions

Visualization Solutions

Harnessing visualization solutions, Polosoft developers craft incredible training presentations, control operations, visual storyboards to empower every business.

Social Media Apps

Social Media Apps

Build social media apps with ARand VR powered 3D technologies to get curated content and engage your customer.

Game Development

Game Development

We combine AI algorithms, Machine learning, and tools for developing high-quality games with graphics to enhance user experience.

VFX VR development

VFX VR development

Polosoft developers leverage extensive experience to develop VFX VR and 360- degrees videos into your products.

Our AR & VR App Development Process

We offer the AR & VR development services that help startups and established firms to increase revenue and improve the business performance.

  • Planning and Consultation

    Planning and Consultation

    Creative planning and structuring to design cognitive AR and VR app development.

  • Architecture and design

    Architecture and design

    App data flow with the use of wireframe before visual design.

  • Visualization of App

    Visualization of App

    Optimize mobile and web apps for effective and user experience.

  • Integration


    Integrate third-party APIs in mobile and web with best monitoring and analytics tools.

  • Testing


    We go through different QA and UAT testing before launching.

  • Maintenance and Support

    Maintenance and Support

    Provide amicable maintenance and support to boost the performance with the precision of the apps.

Tools & Technologies Used in AR & VR App Development

AR and VR App development needs enormous development technologies.

Tools & Technologies Used in AR & VR




  • UNITY-3D
  • AppGameKit-VR

Our Expertise in AR & VR Services

Our skilled developers help you gain engagement with your customers by integrating different Alexa skills.

Expertise in Platforms

Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, AWS, Azure Cloud, 3DMax, Unity 3D and 2D, 3D Rendering Using OpenGL, Visual Studio, Windows 10

Development frameworks / SDK

Unity, Unreal Engine , Vuforia SDK, Oculus SDK , GearVRf SDK , Catchoom SDK , Wikitude SDK, Kudan SDK, EasyAR SDK, iOS/Android SDK, ARKit , ARCore

Glasses and Accessories

Epson Moverio, Microsoft HoloLens, Treadmills, Haptic Gloves

VR Headsets

Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard / Daydream, PlayStation VR

Benefits of adding AR/ VR App Development Services

3D vision

3D vision boosts normal training programs and aids in adding new products and conventions.

Improved customer retention

Create better user experience with better UX designs.

Fast Adaptation

Combining AR and VR with products enable users to adapt data faster.

Provide memorable customer experience

Using Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, you can engage customers with a virtual marketplace and create a real-lifetime experience for them.


AR/VR is the most cutting edge technology that enhances value through customized content and trade patterns. It also builds a positive feeling towards the brand to repeatedly purchase the product or services, hence generating revenue.

Hire Developers Based on AR\VR Projects

Hire Developers Based on AR\VR Projects

Choose the right hiring resource model that suits the unique business needs of different companies.

  • Fixed Price Model
  • Hourly Time Model
  • Remote Staffing Model

Industries We Serve

Polosoft is a one-stop-shop for your AR & VR development services and enhances your product development and performance.
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