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Microservices And API Development Services

API and Microservice App Development Services

Microservice is an individual architectural pattern for developing modern web apps with user interface and functions. Microservice has grown exponentially in the IT industry. This changes and develops new applications in a faster way than the conventional monolithic development approach. Whereas API is the framework through which developers interact with web applications.

Organizations need both microservices and APIs to develop software in a controlled and visible way and scale- up productivity. However, it is very challenging for companies to collaborate all microservice architecture with multiple numbers of architectural patterns to deploy in the business.

To make the business venture easy and flexible, Polosoft API and microservices solutions help companies to accelerate software delivery, improve business agility, and increase deployment. Using APIs, it is easy to manage the functionality provided by microservices. By consolidating a microservice architecture with API strategies, a company can take benefits while decreasing problems.

Our Microservices And API consultation Services

Polosoft provides the best in consultation about Microservices and API to inform clients how to choose and integrate. Developers are well-experienced about how to choose the right platforms as per the business needs.

Analytics of Business

Analytics of Business

Every business is different hence need to develop specific software as per need. Polosoft understands this in-depth. Our developers afford to find the application to apply microservices to enhance business. Polosoft also identifies requirements, risk factors, process analysis, and methodologies.



Polosoft helps organizations in excelling the digital economy while using APIs through cloud connectivity in applications.

Platform Deployment

Platform Deployment

The Polosoft developing team chose the right deploying model using Docker, openshift platforms for hassle-free management, and cut cost.

Application Development

Application Development

Development of native applications are light, agile, serverless and containerization, and deployable.

Polosoft Microservices & API Development Process

  • Consulting


    • Integration and architecture roadmap
    • PoC
    • Product analysis
    • ESB/EDI consulting
  • Implementation


    • Implementation of action plan
    • Custom API integration and development as per business need.
    • Integration of data with many resources
  • Testing


    • Capacity planning for middleware
    • Integration testing strategy
    • EAI testing and approving
  • Support


    • Consolidation of SMS Gateway
    • Integration of Payment gateway integration
    • Rest API Integration
    • Social media API
    • Google API including Maps, Analytics, YouTube
    • SaaS API integration

Industries We Serve

Hire API and Microservices Architecture Developers

Hire API and Microservices Architecture Developers

Polosoft provides amicable developers for developing microservices architectures for different businesses. Hire our skilled oriented developers at affordable prices as per your need.

  • Hourly
  • Full-time
  • Project outsource

Benefits of API development and Microservices

  • Use of hybrid platforms and API to monetize digital assets
  • Avoiding monolithic applications with microservices.
  • Increase Cloud ROI
  • Gain competitive advantages
Benefits of API development
  • Save timing
  • Reducing the risk of code
  • Reduce debugging
  • Easy to choose the language and data store technology

How APIs and microservices work together

How APIs and microservices work together

API now stands by itself and combines with an architectural style that makes it more developer-friendly. Microservices architecture creates more endpoints that enhance internal API value. However, microservice architecture is a highly distributed environment; hence it is quite intricate to develop an API strategy.

An API strategy is a great way to expose different service types or products as microservices adoption becomes more entrenched for established organizations with a legacy IT stack. APIs connect microservices and traditional systems to make it easier to develop and manage microservices.

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