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What Is a Mobile Application?

Mobile app solutions are software programs developed specifically to run on smartphones and tablets. Technology has advanced in lightning speed and gradually all our activities are dependent on it. Be it land surveying, booking a hotel room, paying bills, or online shopping, we use apps to fulfill our different requirements. In the case of businesses, most of the owners are preferring to go online according to market demand. Startups and medium enterprises are always in the look for good mobile app development companies, who build an app to fulfill their business requisition and give them the maximum ROI.

Benefits of App Development to Your Business:

Brand Loyalty

Mobile apps give the brand a new channel to reinforce unique opportunities. Customers are encouraged to download the free branded version of your new online product store or services. They can even customize preferences to fit their specific needs.

Increase Visibility

Mobile apps help increase the visibility of your brand, which thereby helps in increasing customer loyalty to your particular product or service. The general public is more drawn to download an app for any requirement and therefore it’s necessary that businesses opt for a mobile application for their service or product.

Increase Accessibility

Smartphone users are always on the go, which means they don’t always have the time to sign up on a mobile website. Mobile apps can always be on your fingertips and can be accessed from anywhere & anytime. Business owners need to understand that mobile websites are designed for readability and navigation, not for complete process management.

Increased Growth

Recent tech analysis suggests that mobile app users spend more time on a brand’s mobile app than they spend time on that brand’s website. As we are delving into a mobile-centric era, revenue is only going to increase if you follow the developmental push of technology. Mobile apps are one of them.

Types of Mobile App Development Services We Offer :

Android Mobile Apps

We provide end-to-end android app development services to our clients to increase their market presence.

iOS Mobile Apps

We excel in developing the next generation iOS app development services that are the best fit for your business

Apache Cordova Development

Experts in every aspect of Cordova mobile app development to develop an app to the next level & deliver exceptional user-experience.

Xamarin App Development

Run your mobile app across billions of devices using cross-platform technology of Xamarin app development.

To design & test code, there should be an environment through which programmers can work, and that’s where Software development kits (SDKs) come to the rescue. Mobile app development requires access to those SDKs to run things smoothly. There are different types of apps which can be built basically for the iOS and Android platform.

Some of the widely used ones are:

Native Apps:

These apps are created for a particular platform i.e Android or iOS using the development tools and languages supported by those operating systems. For iOS, we use X-code & Objective-C, and for Android, we use Eclipse & Java.

HTML-5 Apps:

This type of mobile app takes a write-once-run-anywhere approach to mobile development. Apps built in this framework are cross-platform compatible and require very minimal changes to ensure complete functionality in each operating system.

Hybrid Apps:

It combines the elements of both native apps and web applications. These are essentially web apps that have been put in a native app shell. These apps run code inside a container.

How Polosoft Manages Application Development ?

We follow a specific step-by-step process to get your own customized application.

  • Mobile App Strategy

    We remain in constant touch with our clients to understand more about their business requirements. Having worked on several projects, we understand that each app project is different and wishes special attention for their product or service. Therefore, we follow schematic strategies such as research and planning before beginning any development work.

  • Development

    A working prototype is developed by our mobile app developers which validates functionality, assumptions, and helps to give an understanding of the scope of work. Understanding your niche and sticking to your business needs is our main priority.

  • Testing

    The testing phase is done carefully considering every factor that matters. Our team of quality analysts assures the application is tested against numerous test modules and bugs before delivering it to you.

  • Application Launch

    After the development phase, we launch your mobile application by fulfilling all your business requirements and desired functionalities. We launch the android app in Google Play Store and the iOS in Appstore depending on the type of App. Installation guides, test cases, and user guides are also provided by us for your convenience.

  • Guaranteed Revenue

    Our experts develop the App and make it user friendly, search engine friendly and place information at the right place along with call- to- action facilities in the app, so that the customer remains engaged with your products and services. This would obviously help the app owners by having increased in number of apps download, customer retention rate and ROI.

Industries That We Cater to in Mobile App Solutions

We develop extremely user-friendly app experience across many industries such as:

Difference Between Native iOS & Native Android

It depends on your business requirements and project needs and what kind of software is best suited for your specific niche. However, the best tools which Polosoft’s mobile app development services provide are:

Native iOS

Very different from Android, the iOS operating system has a closed source code, created exclusively for Apple’s hardware. Apple has various excellent tools and resources for its development process, such as iOS SDK integrated with the Cocoa touch UI framework, XCode the official IDE for the iOS app development, and TestFlight a beta testing app.

Native Android

A native android application is developed with the use of platform-specific programming languages. For instance, Java is used in Android app development. Users can download native applications directly from the Play Store to their mobile devices and they can be launched without any third-party tool or browser. The data is stored in the gadget’s memory or in a cloud device.

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