Migration Services

At Polosoft, we provide the best IT migration services including Cloud Migration, Data Center Migration, Microsoft 365, Server Migration, and many more to help you achieve optimized IT services.


Migration Services

At Polosoft, we provide the best IT migration services including Cloud Migration, Data Center Migration, Microsoft 365, Server Migration, and many more to help you achieve optimized IT services. Our migration services add benefits at every step while affecting a business transformation, including scalability, performance, and cost reduction.

Accelerate Cloud Migration Services

Accelerate Cloud Migration Services

Cloud migration services that allow customers to optimize and easily navigate the digital transformation journey. We ensure you make your migration journey both flawless and secure.

Cloud Migration

  • We provide comprehensive application data migration to the cloud
  • Handle cloud workload migration from on-premises to hosted platforms easily and securely.
  • Complete relocation of central data onto the cloud.
  • Testing of applications migration to the cloud for speed, agility, efficiency, and performance.
  • Optimize the performance by monitoring data migration to the cloud.


  • Reduces operational costs while improving IT processes.
  • Allows companies to expand their businesses anytime based on the necessity of AI, Machine Learning (ML), and image processing.
  • Increases resource availability by moving data to the cloud paves a way to enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Improves security that gives companies a better control data access.
  • New inventory and storage space offer agility to adapt to new technology environments.

Database Migration Services

  • Allows you to move data from on-premise to the cloud and create a single source of truth.
  • Database migration from multiple sources to a single destination.
  • Database migration from one vendor to another.
  • Database migration from one platform to another.
Database Migration Services


  • Cut maintenance costs
  • Reduce risk involvement
  • Improves system performance
  • Flawless a seamless performance
  • Increase scalability of your apps
  • Meets with the latest industry and security standards
  • Develop high-ending solutions

Server Migration

  • Smooth migration of applications, data, images, and files.
  • Operating system upgrades
  • Easy modification of the application
  • Migration, modification, and up-gradation of databases
  • Affordable and complementary email hosting services


  • Faster Deployment Times
  • Enhanced Security Features
  • Less Infrastructure Complexity
  • Built-in Status Monitoring
  • Automatic Backup and Logging of Key Metrics
  • Greater Flexibility and Collaboration for Staff.
Server Migration

Storage & Data Migration

  • Our data migration, storage services add the benefits of infrastructure investment.
  • Eliminate the risk of data loss.
  • Seamlessly migrate your data to the cloud platforms as per choice.
Storage & Data Migration


  • Acquire Smarter Software & Systems
  • Analyzing and resolving anomalies in firewall security policies.
  • Help in strategic Acquisition And Alliances
  • Helps in Custom Reports Over the Data Warehouse

Microsoft 365 Migration

Microsoft 365 Migration

  • Analysis of existing deployment to detect software inconsistencies
  • Integration of new office 365 deployment with other cloud or on-premises applications.


  • Business remains secure
  • Instant upgrades and access to new features
  • Larger mailbox storage
  • Built-in data security and compliance

Platform Migration Services

  • Identification of the source platform and target application.
  • Gathering data schemes for system integration.
  • Conversion test with a sample data extraction
  • Presentation of platform migration risk report.
  • Data archiving from the old platform
Platform Migration


  • Platform migration provides a standard process
  • Dealing with online content platforms to improve communication
  • Streamline the process and overall transition.

Technology Stack Used for Data Migration


Oracle, SQL, Sybase, MySQL, MongoDB, Stark-B, Exchange

Operating System

Linux, Windows (only x86)


Hyper V, VMware, RHEV, OVM, Openstack


AWS, Azure, GCP, SimpliCloud

Our Data Migration Process

  • Analysis


    • Analysation of different workloads, stakeholder and utilization trends
    • Optimize plan to cover specific workload criteria and configurations.
  • Configuration


    • Provide a comprehensive set of infrastructure resources for various workloads.
    • Provide recommendations for individual workloads.
  • Deployment


    • For standard migrations, we configure server workloads and a database of hardware drivers and reusables.
    • We provide the full spectrum for custom migration needs.

Why You Should Work with Us

  • With our agile and seamless migration solutions, we build and standardize a hassle-free migration.
  • Simplify migration from legacy to cloud.
  • We design understandable strategies for compatible migrations.
  • Native migration for automation of complex projects
  • Eliminating risk through an automated process.
  • Provide full control over downtime
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