Improve Customer Satisfaction with Support and Maintenance Services

Support and Maintenance Services

Web support and maintenance services are aimed at ensuring that all types of websites are highly designed, reliable, and relevant theme to your business needs. Polosoft delivers full-range IT services, support and maintenance services to clients since 2017.

Polosoft manage flawlessly technical issues, and upgrading the latest technology on development service in the IT support and maintenance services.

What is included in website maintenance plans?

Support Maintenance

Polosoft website maintenance includes various services to keep your website secure, user-friendly, and up to date. Examples of website maintenance services include:

Routine content updates

Security scans and patches

CMS support and updates

Regular site backups

Interactivity maintenance

Technical SEO support

SSL, Web Hosting

Renewal Support

Our Support & Maintenance Process

Service Level Agreement

When taking on a new project, our support team drafts an SLA (Service Level Agreement) which outlines responsibility time and ensures correction needs. Our specialists are able to promptly handle your service requests through remote sessions upon receipt of your request.

Formal Request

Upon receiving the formal support request, we set up a meeting with you to discuss the current state of your software product, any recent changes made to the code, release updates, error messages, and any other potential factors that could have played a role in causation.

Systems Analysis

Once we understands all potential impacts of the defect, we assess your systems to identify the root cause. While analyzing issues, we are reviewing the code attached to the dysfunctional feature or function, it also involves determining out-of-date subscriptions and malware.

Solution Evaluation

We often determine a number of solutions to resolve software defects. We scope out all potentially affected features before documenting procedures to ensure code adjustments don’t cause any other issues in your system to designate a route to resolution.


Raise your problem request for our support team to begin working on immediately. By utilizing debugging tools, reviewing logs, and drilling down to all lines of code that accompany broken features and functions, our support team works to resolve all errors described.


Finally, a range of leading unit tests to validate proper delivery to correct faults and reliability in your codebase. Once, we verify that all features and functions are stable and operating as designed in software test environment then we deploy the bug fixes to live production.

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